2010 Vancouver Olympic Mascots

  • Miga — a snowboarding sea-bear inspired by the First Nations’ legends of the Pacific Northwest. Miga, described as mischievous and outgoing, is part sea-bear and part orca whale.
  • Quatchi — a shy and gentle Sasquatch with a long brown beard and blue earmuffs meant to conjure the mystery and wonder associated with Canada’s wilderness.
  • Sumi — an animal guardian spirit, who flies with the wings of the thunderbird, is described as “a natural born leader with a passion for protecting the environment.”

Personally I don’t like them, they don’t have a Canadian feel to them at all. They look like Japanese cartoons to me. The identities of the new mascots were a highly guarded secret until Tuesday. Most Canadians thought the mascots would be a moose, maple leaf, hockey puck, beaver, Canada goose etc.

What do you think?

13 Responses

  1. I don’t like them either – loses the value or beauty of the country in the translation of them into these makeshift cartoons.

  2. I don’t care for them either, but I do appreciate designers/marketers/branders trying to think outside the box. Given the history of the Olympics maybe they thought “mythical” would be a nice touch. Who knows?

  3. They suck. How is anybody going to equate them with Canada?

  4. yeah they look like japanese animation. like picachu and hello kitty.

  5. We’re not impressed here!

  6. Thanks for stopping by. I have been busy and on blogging hiatus.

  7. I agree they look like Japanese characters to me I think it s a shame that they couldn t come up with something better that would relate and describe Canada more accurately.

    DR in Japan

  8. I agree I think they look like Japanese animation or ( manga ) as they say in Japanese. Its sad to see they couldn t come up with something better that would relate and describe Canada more accurately.

    DR Japan

  9. I think they are too ‘anime’ too… not what I’d choose for Canadian, and unfortunately the only thing I think of when I see a Sasquatch is beer, and I don’t drink!

  10. Too cartoonish, and as you said, very Japanese. I wonder how much the geniuses got paid for this work…

  11. hi Vic Grace, found you blog it interesting. Olympic? we going for it

  12. Agreed. They look like Japanese cartoons. But at least the facial hair of Squatchi resembles a heart. 😛


    PS. Do you know what happened to blogger comment? I couldn’t find the URL box anymore.

  13. I totally agree with you – they look more like those Japanese cartoons (anime – or whatever it’s called).

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