Bye for now

Getting ready to go early tomorrow morning. We have to rush a little as my husband hopes to get close enough on Thursday night, so he can catch an early ferry to Vancouver Island on Friday. So will not be blogging until I get back, hopefully on 20th. There is snow predicted so that could even put a stop to the trip, we would go earlier but it messes up all the connections with family and so on. So will write to you all when I get back.

11 Responses

  1. Safe journey … it is snowing here.

  2. Will miss you bunches and bunches!!!

  3. Safe travels!

  4. Have fun and I hope it doesn’t snow 😉

  5. Vic Grace,

    Have a wonderful and safe trip and please take lots of photos.


  6. Have fun, Vic! I hope you didn’t forget to bring your camera charger. 😉

  7. I’ll wait for your next post…Have a safe journey…GBU!

  8. See you back in Blogland soon, Vic.

    Missing you …..

  9. Beautiful Blog –
    Great Job!!!

  10. gonna miss ur post vic

  11. Oh vic,

    happy holiday ya! enjoy


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