Take the time to show you care

A friend of ours, a retired midwife, has just left for Malawi to help out at a clinic for expectant women for a few months. The terrible loss of lives of both mothers and children in some parts of the world makes me very thankful for what we have here in North America.

Unfortunately I lost my mother when I was five years old, so I have never been able to take part in any Mother’s Day planning and I missed the special closeness that some have with their mothers. Mother’s Day has a long history although it is relatively recently that gifts and cards started to be given and it does seem to me that it is celebrated more now than it was when I was younger.

With Christmas just around the corner it does seem a bit early to be thinking abut Mother’s Day, which is usually celebrated in early May, but it is never too early or late to give Mom something special. One of the ideas I saw that I would have liked to do, is create a blog for Mom, with stories of her life, and pictures of the grand kids and share recipes etc. She might even like to visit with other bloggers and make new friends, and what a great way for families to keep in touch. I would rather do that than write a traditional letter any day.

I live too far away to see my children on Mother’s Day but I do appreciate that they never fail to call. Both my parents are passed on now. I think it is important to show them you care while they can still appreciate it. Something that I was sometimes too busy with my own life to take time to do.

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  1. Why not do some “memory” posts of your kids and your grandchildren and then dedicate it to the memory of your Mother and Father both?

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