Been checking the reviews about satellite connection

Here in central BC we have the option of two satellite companies, Galaxy or Explornet. I had inquired about Galaxy a while back, but they seemed a bit too expensive so decided against them. This week the flyer, I mentioned in yesterday’s post, came in the mail and I was so excited to take advantage of the Explornet offer.

As I always do, I spent sometime checking reviews for both and comparing. Galaxy (the more expensive one) has some negative reviews but on the whole is not too bad. But Explornet, the service I was going to get, has lots of unhappy reviewers. So I have decided to stick with slow dial up for now. It is a lot of money to put out to have the problems people are writing about. I will probably get Galaxy, the one with the least negative reviews later this year, when I can afford it. As my wise hubby always says “You get what you pay for.”

In the case of Explornet, the reviewers claim it slows down after the first month when the trial period is over. In Canada there is no minimum bandwidth regulation, so the company is completely legal in slowing the service down. Also the reviewers claim that the service can be fine between 8am and 9am but as the day goes on it gets slower and slower, until in the evening you might as well have stayed on dial up. Explornet has only one satellite so if it breaks down there is no service, and reviewers say they have had some problems with this, also the technical service was great while they were getting started, during the 30 days trial period, but deteriorated after that, and there are long waits on the telephone to get assistance. So I think the wise thing to do is not get Explornet.

We will still go up and check out the camera and the ramps for the ATV.

Has anyone else had experience with these satellite companies?

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  1. Hi there!

    Be sure you check the reviews on cameras too … dpreview is a good place to start. Hard to get a good zoom with a point and shoot. You have to decide what you REALLY want in a camera. The Canon Elph seem to be pretty good … two of my sister-in-laws have them and seem satisfied. Myself, I’m looking at the Canon G9 but biding my time. Waiting to see the long term results! A little pricey to “make a mistake”! Good zooms really only come with DSLR … too bulky and too pricey. If it is too big, one just doesn’t take it with them. That is why I’m considering the G9. We’ll see.

    TTFN … Eileen

  2. So sorry that you were disappointed. I know what it’s like to have dial up. We finally were able to get high speed this summer, after years of waiting.

  3. I’m disappointed for you; I know how frustrating you find dial up. We’re lucky enough to be able to access wireless where we are; we’ve got a receiver on a mast on our roof which gets a signal from atop of the butte. I’m sure technology will soon enable you to be surfing at high speed.

    Looks like we’re in for plenty of snow today. A good day to stay warm and cosy indoors.

  4. I have Xplornet and I am much happier with it. We have a higher package than the basic one which we started out on. We used to connect through our cell as that is the only phone we have where I live but that was brutally slow and over $100 per month with Telus. I really have no complaints about Xplornet, but don’t know much about Galaxy.

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