I have a goal

As you know I really enjoy blogging and have decided that I need to get faster internet access, as dial up is causing me to miss so much that others blogs have to offer. So I have decided to blog for money and whatever I earn will go towards the purchase of a satellite dish and monthly payments.

With this goal in mind I applied to Smorty and have been accepted. Smorty is an internet service that brings bloggers and advertisers together. There are so many people blogging today who would like to earn money from doing what they love, and Smorty makes it easy. This doesn’t just mean that I will be putting a lot of advertisements up on my blog, it means that I have to have interesting posts so that more people will come, read, and comment . Hopefully advertisers will see my post and want to use Smorty to advertise their product and more bloggers will get involved.

So why not take the leap like I did and join Smorty and earn some money. This is my first post for Smorty and I am looking forward to writing more.

One Response

  1. I couldn’t take advantage of these opportunities since my blog is only 2 months old. Anyway, I enjoy blogging so it really doesn’t hurt.

    Good luck! And I hope you can get faster internet connection sooner than expected.


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