Lets get to know each other

Gene at Turning the Pages of Life said “We post on our blogs, get replies and post on other people’s blogs, and over the course of time start to get to know each other a bit. We can gauge the personality of another blogger through the words they type but wouldn’t it be nice to get a little insight into what they really see when they look out their windows? I was thinking we need to try and do something about that” So Gene decided to try and do something visual that we could all participate in.

* On Saturday, October 20th, let’s all make a post featuring pictures of where we live.
(I posted early, but it’s the 20th already in most of the world)
*Try and take at least 10 photographs of your surrounding area and post them on your blog.
*Make SURE you include a description of what each picture is. Give us as much detail as you can.”

So here goes in my effort to participate in Gene’s ‘Let’s get to know each other’ initiative.

I have a lot of pictures on my site so it has been difficult to collect anything new but there are probably a few that have not been posted before.

Our small village of 350 people. I live off the picture in the trees at the bottom left. We are about a mile from town and quite a bit higher. The lake is frozen this picture is probably taken in early spring as the snow is almost gone but the ice has not.

This is our humble home on the edge of the wilderness. We are still working on it.

This is the solarium my husband was working on. It is finished now and it is great when it is 5C outside with the wind blowing and as long as there is a little sun it gets quite warm. Right now as I type the door is open into it and it is toasty in here and only a little cooler in there. All heated by wood stove in our extension.

This is our village museum where bones from the mammoth that was discovered at the mine that was here in the 1970’s is on view, plus memorabilia from the mining days. The building is also used to showcase local crafts and also locals sell produce and goodies in the summer.

The building on the right is the library where I volunteer as treasurer, it is a pretty good library actually considering we only have 350 residents. The yellow building beside it is the hockey arena where teams come from all over the area to practice and compete. Both buildings were put in by the mine in the 1970’s.

This is the marina where locals and tourists leave their boats in summer but they have to be removed before winter as the ice can get up to 2ft thick and will crush the boats.

Red Bluff Provincial park which is on our way out of town. The pink rock is seen all over the area. There are campsites and a dock at the park.

This is the train station at Smithers, you can see the ski runs behind. I like to go to Smithers because it has a Canadian Tire, Zellers and a few specialty stores and it is a very pretty run even though it takes about 1hr and 45mins to drive.

This is the view we see every time we leave the village and head south to the main highway. This is looking east towards Alberta. This is where we go salmon fishing.

Francois Lake is the second longest natural lake in the province. This lake is located south of Burns Lake BC where we do most of our shopping. It has its own ferry over to the other side which is called Southside where the camp is located that my husband collected $1000 worth of pop cans to send some local kids a few summers ago.

Well that is the best I can do as there really isn’t much around here except mountains and lakes.

15 Responses

  1. The photos are very beautiful…I will try to post for this “let’s get to know each other”…once again, nice photos…

  2. Oh, I am so behind in everything these days!!! I really like this idea and I hope to take some time out this weekend to go and take some shots of the high points of where I live….It will make a nice post for Sunday don’t you think? I may incorporate it with an extension of the post that Michele at The Bamboo Project did about ‘Online Identity’.

    I truly enjoyed taking the tour of where you live. It does help to expand our vision of our ‘virtual’ friends. You live in an awesome environment that many people dream of ‘getting away’ to. Although I wouldn’t be happy about the ‘dial up’ situation. 😉

  3. Beautiful pictures, Vic. Although I thought the one of the cliffs was quite awesome, the pictures of the lakes around you were really beautiful too. Good combination of your home as well as other surroundings.

  4. Dang Vic, that is a way cool place. Every time you say “fishing” I’m ready to jump in the truck and head north!

    Thanks for participating.

  5. that’s a great idea, I must think about it, though things are far from being so beautiful around my house…i let you know…your photos are just great and so pleasant to watch

  6. What a pretty place to live!

  7. Thanks everyone for leaving a comment. I visited your blogs and am waiting to see some of your photos too.

  8. I love your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. BC is beautiful. My sister and BIL just came back from a two week vacation to BC. They loved it.


  9. Hi Vic Grace,
    I came over to say hello. What a wonderful idea Gene had and you have given us all some wonderful photos of where you live.

    Well that is the best I can do as there really isn’t much around here except mountains and lakes.

    This had me laughing. Only some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere.

    I met one of my blog buddies this week. She came from Morocco to the Surrey Writers’ Festival. We had lunch and will have dinner together tomorrow. I love her tales of living in Morocco although temporarily.

  10. I love the photos too – what a fabulous area to live in!!!!

  11. Wow! Such beautiful pictures! 🙂 I participated as well .. but didn’t give as much detail on my surroundings…so feel free to take a look & immerse yourself in my world.

  12. Hi Vic, nice pictures! Your community looks so peaceful and harmonious! And the views are excellent! Here in NJ/NY Hudson River is frozen too during extreme winter. But everything else is not as good as your place/community.

    Thanks for sharing!


  13. Oh..it is so beautiful.

    I would so love to live out in the mountains away from the rat race….

    Sigh…good for your soul.

  14. Yes I do live in a beautiful spot don’t I. I never cease to be thankful for it.

  15. It’s halloween here and me and Jennie’s browsing through our favorite blogs. Your place is really beautiful. Does mama bear still pays your freezer a visit? 🙂

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