Tree frogs inspire super glue

Inspired by the toe pads of tree frogs and crickets, researchers in India have created a form of sticky coating that is both strong and reusable.

Sticky tape gets contaminated with dust and you only use it once or twice. But lizards and toads use their toes all the time. They don’t get contaminated and they create very strong adhesion.

Toe pads have patterns on the surface, it’s not a smooth layer. Underneath these patterns, there are fluid vessels, glands and blood vessels. Scientists have added tiny fluid vessels in their model adhesive and found they increased adhesion by 30 times. The hope is that this technology can be used on stickers for utensils and food so that they may be peeled off cleanly, and on other adhesive devices that are meant to be reused. Reuters UK

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2 Responses

  1. oh my goodness 🙂

  2. Now that is some cool research going on there!!!

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