Have a look at my email box today

Helloooooooo Angel.

How are you doing?My name is sean kelvin , i leave in indiana southbend….i work with a computer store down town here in indiana… I was checking through my yahoo 360 home page, which i saw your profile and it really attracted me to write you.WOW…you gorgeous,what is the secret to your beauty?Well i am sure you are a rare combination of so many special things and i am yet to figure out that magic .only writing in view of being a friend,if you wouldnt mind that then, i should be expecting a reply soonest,maybe you have forgotten my name am sean kelvin…..hope to know you soon and chat with you too….you can as well, as get in contact with me through my yahoo id…..great_life2006@yahoo.com…..l’ll be looking forward in hearing from you my angel…..so have a superday ahead of you ……..sean kelvin………

Don’t these people even check that I am 60 years old, who are they kidding. This type of stupidity more or less made me decide to close my Yahoo blog. Anyway have a laugh.

9 Responses

  1. hi vic its me benny from limadang.com 🙂 well i receive lots of email like this lols! wahhaa i don’t know if they can read or whateva but that’s soo stupiiii 🙂

  2. Some guy have no class! Although I too think you are a good looking broad;) Strange i have never got such a message. . .I guess women don’t send them.

  3. Hi Tossing pebbles in the stream you have made my day.

  4. How do you know Sean isn’t 60 too??? Just curious 😉

  5. If he contacts you again, let me know…I’ve got family in that area. They can deal with him. 😉

  6. I’ve never received any spam e-mail of someone trying to pick me up – probably saw my online photo and got scared away. For some reason, back when I used to get slammed with spam (old e-mail addy), the bulk of it was for Viagra or ways to increase a certain area of my body -that as a woman, I don’t have. What’s up with junk like that?

  7. Hey did you email him back? Ya never know. lol

  8. Glad you all enjoyed that. I especially liked ‘tossing pebbles in the stream’ comment about being a good looking broad. My husband says he must be English to say that. I e-mailed him back to say he made my day.

  9. Hi Vic…this my first time here…like Ben from limadang.com, I also get this kind of email often…at first, I thought the email was real but after the second one came in, I know this is a kind of game or somethin’ to them…and the sender is using a female id…i really don’t know their real gender…with internet today, man can be woman and woman can be man….btw, I’m a real man…check out my blog…c ya

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