Heads or Tails #9 – Explore or Explorer

Skittles has started a new meme for every Tuesday called visit her blog for instructions. Basically she gives us a word and we can do whatever we like with it. This week the subject is Explore or Explorer.


She climbed high mountains, crossed unfordable streams on a canoe and cured ill-stricken explorers with roots, berries and herbs. Her name was Sacajawea, or Bird Woman, a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-1806.

Sacawajea, a Shoshone, was only fourteen years old when she was offered by her husband to assist as a translator on the Lewis and Clark expedition,

It was “Janey,” as Sacajawea was called by the men, who showed them how to find caches of unfamiliar but edible roots that gophers store near piles of driftwood. When bad weather overtook the explorers she managed to save many essential items such as maps, compass, trading goods, bullets, and food. So essential to the expedition were these things that if she hadn’t taken it upon herself to rescue them the expedition would have been a failure.

Sacawajea’s death remains a mystery. Some claim she died in 1814 and others assert it was well after, as she was thought to have interpreted at several councils from 1850 through the 1870’s.

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12 Responses

  1. That’s a very interesting tidbit of history. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. We used to live in a town in Idaho where lewis and clark and Sacajawea come through and my husband and I developed an interest in the history of the town. What a great post!

  3. Is that the one from the Night At The Museum movie?

  4. I love when I learn something new from a blog post 🙂

    The Egel Nest

  5. what an interesting history! thank you for sharing … 🙂
    Great post for this week’s theme!

  6. I have never been good at History, but this interested me. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Thanks for that interesting bit of history!!! We learn so much through blogging.

  8. a good post for this weeks meme. Skittles and I got to see what was believed to be one of Lewis and Clarks campsites near the banks of the Missouri river in Iowa during one of our vacations. It was a good thing that they had this brave and resourceful woman to guide them.

  9. This was so interesting! Thanks for the piece of history!

  10. Mike stole my comment about how we had visited one of the campsites!

    I was incredible standing in such a historical place.

  11. I think I was about 9 or 10 years old when I read a book about her and her life, the Lewis and Clark expedition, etc. I was totally fascinated by her then and still am today. Great post! One that is really right up my alley too -that kind of history.

  12. that was good, I really enjoyed reading it. and I didn’t know any of it (except who she was, of course), so it was great.

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