Head or tails #8 – Stack

Skittles has started a new meme for every Tuesday called visit her blog for instructions. Basically she gives us a word and we can do whatever we like with it. This week the subject is ‘Stack‘. It was a bit difficult coming up with something on this one.

The Big Stack can be seen miles before you arrive in Anaconda. Montana. At 585 feet tall, it was once the country’s tallest smokestack – the Washington Monument could fit inside it – and it used to benevolently belch lead and arsenic over residents. In 1980, smelting operations closed, and the stack was threatened with demolition. Proud Anacondans banded together, and the stack was saved, becoming a Montana State Park. Only now the Federal DEP has fenced it off, saying that the site leaks arsenic.

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8 Responses

  1. Cool post – I learned something!

  2. Oh, oh, leaking arsenic doesn’t sound good at all! Good thing they have fenced it up at least!

    My stack make me to a couch potato…. *giggles*

  3. I am definitely Google this as I am fascinated with things like this. Me and hubby were in Montana last year and had we known, we would have gone to see it. At a safe distance, of course. đŸ™‚

  4. I did a paper in college on Anaconda Montana–love the smokestack.

  5. Very interesting piece. Wonder how far Anaconda, MT is from Carbonado, MT – which is where my Dad was born? I have bunches of relatives in Montana as that is where my great-grandfather settled after immigrating here from Scotland but I’ve never met any of them -probably never will either I suppose – but I have most of them listed in my family tree all the same.

  6. Thanks for visiting, I had trouble getting back to you because the connection was too slow

  7. Thanks, Vic

    Will check it out

  8. The Washington Mon. can fit inside? That”s amazing. I want to see it. But what we used to do (error: what we ARE doing) to the earth! Unbelievable.

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