I am smoking today

We decided we should light the wood fire now, so we carted in some logs, and got it going and I am smoking hot sitting here. This time of year is always difficult to decide what to do about heating. It is cold overnight and a large part of the day but not really cold enough for fires. I have the solarium window wide open but it is still 25C by the computer. That is too warm for me.

I smoked more trout and then made it into a patĂ© and served it on seaweed crackers. That was a big hit. Tomorrow I have a large salmon I have to fillet and smoke. I am not very good at filleting but each time I do it I get a little better. The trouble is getting the salmon to stay still, the thing still wants to have its last fling even though it is minus its integral parts. It flips and slides all over my counter. I have some special gloves designed to hold fish but it doesn’t take long before they are all slimy and smelly, but the smoked salmon is worth the effort. I think I will put sea salt and brown sugar on this lot, perhaps with a touch of maple syrup. The real stuff of course.

A friend gave us a DVD as he had just bought a new one. I mucked up the last one somehow trying to get some electronic setting to communicate with the TV. So I am grateful for this and set it up this afternoon. My husband doesn’t touch anything of that kind, he can do just about anything with his hands but he gets very frustrated with modern technology.

I think I will join Rogers Video Direct and get a few movies mailed each month. So if you see a good movie tell me, because I don’t have a clue what is good. There is no movie theatre for hundreds of miles from here so I don’t see any advertising for movies either.

When I sat down I had nothing to write but at least you have a narration of my day.

5 Responses

  1. Oooh, smoked salmon pate!! When I lived in Savannah I would make pate from sea trout.

    Love it, love it!!

  2. Dang Vic, you invite me up there to catch salmon with you and I’ll fillet them all! Been doing it for years…piece of cake.

  3. Sorry guys this is all for little old me, I might let hubby has some

  4. Good luck with the fish. I love fish, but don’t get to have it too often and usually nothing too fancy…mainly just talapia.

    As for movies, I’ll let you know if I see anything good but I can’t make any promises as I don’t often have a chance to sit down to watch a movie and I’m VERY picky with the movies I do watch!

  5. I’m extremely out of touch with new movies. I think the most recent one I watched (DVD -here at home) was “Crash” and if you’ve not seen it, I would very highly recommend it to you! Also, I did see “Million Dollar Baby” and liked it a lot as well. Or, “Little Miss Sunshine.” That about uses up my movie knowledge base right now.

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