One, two and eventually a third shot, then silence

As we sat down to dinner we heard a shot way down in the village, Annie, our dog, came trembling to the back door and I let her in and she fled to her hiding place in the back bedroom.

Shortly after we heard another shot, and then about fifteen minutes later a third. There were no more shots. We had to deduce that it was the mother and the two cubs who had overstayed their welcome in the village that were shot. No doubt we will hear the news tomorrow, for sure.

After my bear invasion we heard of two other events to do with those bears. A man in the village had put some salmon in the back of his pickup, to take into town later for family. The pickup canopy was on and locked, but the mother bear ripped off the door of the canopy and climbed in and took the salmon.

Another man was chopping wood on his lot when he saw something in the bush, he did a rather stupid thing, I think, in that he threw a piece of wood at it. The wood narrowly missed a bear cub. Mamma Bear was very unhappy and came out from behind a tree standing on her hind legs challenging him. Fortunately he was able to backup into the camper that he keeps on his lot, but she walked around for quite some time looking for a way to get at him.

It is always unfortunate when the wildlife people have to shoot an animal, I think they have a hard time doing it, but this one was a menace, sooner or later someone would get hurt, and she was teaching her cubs to do the same.

If you haven’t already read it you might like to read about my bear invasion

4 Responses

  1. So true about animals that have to be put down. Even domestic pets, sometimes because of illness but also too at times because of training (or lack there of, they get mean and have to be put down and it is a shame. A loss for all in the long run.

  2. It makes me sad that animals have their habitats disturbed by humans and then pay the ultimate price.

  3. This post broke my heart. It is how I feel when I drive home from my night class and see the deer on the side of the road….or the dead racoons…or even the coyotes…looking for areas that used to be their homes…now populated by human homes that are not even selling.

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