Give credit where credit is due

I might have written the original words about ‘Warm the globe thru friendship’ in a post a few days ago but it was Jeni who suggested it should have its own button and I took it from there. I would not have thought of it otherwise. So it really wasn’t my idea. Just want to clarify that.

3 Responses

  1. Vic – it was your idea and a darned good one too! Anyplace I see where someone has picked up with the thread, I’ve been going back into my post and adding their blogsite there – trying to keep a little running tally of who has “joined forces” you could say. Some haven’t posted directly about the idea but have given referrals back to you, to me pertaining to it so in essence, they have taken up the torch too I guess it could be said.

  2. Well Vic I was told by both Jeni and Skittles…so this is getting around…I am going to make a post of it tomorrow…..I think you two make a great team…teamwork and friendship…it doesn’t get any better…cheers….

  3. I just viewed the photos of where you live in BC. The views are breath-taking, the waters so beautiful. Have you always lived there? I can’t even imagine seeing the animals you see… I only see them in zoos.

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