Rockin’ Blogger Award

Emma Alvarez has given me this award she has a beautiful blog in which she shares her art.

In my turn I select five other women bloggers who deserve the award.

1.Ruth at Me, my life, my garden, who lives in the UK, and I enjoy her photographs and she reminds me of my roots, which are in Britain.

2.Danielle at the BiPolar Diaries. Danielle is a wife, mother, photographer, and college professor who shares her battle with mood disturbances, midlife crisis, among other things.

3. Time with Shelby a student of history and political science, she shares her lighter side in her blog.

4. Inner Dialogues. Lattégirl lives in a Quebec, Canada, in a small town with her teen. She shares about her life living in French Canada.

5.Karen and her husband Mike who in January 2006 left the Vancouver area and headed 400 km northeast to the beautiful countryside of the South Cariboo. Share their exploits turning 10 acres of dense forest into a nifty little hobby farm. The Inman Road Chronicles

Congratulations to these bloggers. They all have great blogs, and I think that they deserve this award.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you, ma’am 🙂

    I also adore Shelby.

    So I might say you have good taste in blogs.

  2. Thanks, Vic! :o)

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