Heads or Tails # 2 – Luck

Skittles has started a new meme for every Tuesday called Heads or Tails. Basically she gives us a word and we can do whatever we like with it. That can’t be too hard, can it? However she has called Tails for this Tuesday, that means we have to give two examples of Luck.

I don’t really believe in luck, but I wrote this post a while ago and if ever there was Lucky break this was it!

Road Racing in the North

We had yet another foot of snow last night and my husband and I were out early this morning removing it in case we had more. We live on a very quite rural road, rarely having any traffic pass our home so imagine our surprise to see two road racers moving down the road at full speed.

They swerved from left to right as we watched transfixed. Closer and faster they came until one of them spotted us and careened off the road into the bush, while the other sped past us and around the corner.

The mink would go without a meal and the snowshoe hare would live a while longer. What a lucky break!

I have been very Lucky or rather Blessed in my friends

Have you ever done something really dumb and funny too? I have a story which I tell about myself and it generally draws a laugh. I am not sure if I can write it as well as I can tell it.

I lived in an old fixer upper that really should have been demolished, however since that was not an option there were many things my boys and I learned to take in our stride. However there was one thing that was destined to break this particular camel’s back . When I would arrive home from work around one in the morning, I would flick on the kitchen lights and my counter and dirty pots, which the boys had left for something they considered more important, were draped Dali style with large banana slugs.

One dear friend offered to replace that counter for me and block the entry for the wildlife that we were experiencing. Work in the the kitchen had gone well, the sink was into the new counter and he had disconnected the S-bend which had some unspeakable guck in it and asked me to get rid of it somewhere. Not understanding the mysteries of plumbing I poured the slime into the kitchen sink. Needless to say it went all over him, I was mortified. He was gracious and saw the funny side. I am very blessed in my friends. How could I be so dumb?

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11 Responses

  1. Friends that happen to us make us feel so lucky. I think you chose the right word make us feel blessed.

  2. How were you supposed to know what would happen when you dumped the gunk in the sink? Friends are great.

  3. Friends are definitely a blessing!

  4. Believe me you’re not the first or the last person to do this! Even Mick did it once and he was DIY King! :o) Incredible looking slug.

  5. I think it would be wonderful to live somewhere that you can see wildlife like that.

    What a great friend that was. Even with a good sense of humor. 🙂

  6. Wow…you are so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery. You have a great friend!

  7. That’s great to have friends like that!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. I think I’ll take our current ant problem over the slugs…yuck!

  9. Vic, I’ve done so doggone many really dumb things in my life, I couldn’t keep track of them! Well, with my advanced age and senility factors, you know I can’t remember them now anyway.

    I thought of you this afternoon though -with your wildlife in your backyard – as I looked out my kitchen window and saw a deer in my neighbors yard eating apples that had fallen from the apple tree there. Such a pretty sight and I went hunting for the camera but by the time I found it and returned to the kitchen, it was gone! Rats!

  10. friends are the best!!

    loved your post.. take care today and happy day 🙂

  11. LOL… both of those are great stories. Well done. Skittles has invited me to join in the fun, so maybe next week :o)

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