"Don’t worry, be happy!" Trojan Greeting Card

My spam mail had 3 of these today. Of course delete them won’t you.

“Don`t worry, be happy!” Trojan Greeting Card

More tweaks are being made both to the message sent as part of the greeting card Trojan spam run and also to the file being downloaded. The latest message pretends to be a hurried love letter of sorts:

I`m in hurry, but i still love you…
(as you can see on the ecard)
<malicious link>

As with previous runs, the link points to a web page which downloads a file named msdataaccess.exe which appears to be yet another variant with low detection from antivirus scanners. Those that do detect it include AntiVir, AVG, ClamAV, eTrust (Vet engine), Symantec and WebWasher.

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  • 2 Responses

    1. We’ve been getting all kinds of e-card spam for weeks.

    2. I’ve been getting these greeting card spam emails, also, and watching them mutate to try to ensnare more people. I get at least 2 a day–it’s about the only spam I get on my gmail account. Very irritating.

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