Getting the boat ready for salmon fishing

We have been busy today getting the boat ready to go on the big lake because the sockeye salmon are here and starting to congregate at the mouth of the river .

We have the world’s largest salmon spawning channels just outside the village and every year at this time the lake is full of boats hoping to catch salmon. The aboriginal group that live beside the lake also take part in this catch, as they have for centuries, but they use skiffs to circle nets in the lake and pull the fish to shore, and in this way catch thousands of salmon for drying and canning.

Adult sockeye salmon spawn in September, and there will be as many as a half-million waiting for the gates to be opened to allow them into the spawning channels where they will be counted. When the quantity that has been decided upon has entered the spawning channels, the fisheries then allow the normal run into the river where the salmon will make their way up to spawn and die.

This is the time when we may see black and grizzly bear making their way down to the river to fish and stock up for the winter ahead and there are signs everywhere warning of ‘BEWARE OF BEARS’. Also it is not uncommon to see hundreds of bald eagles in the trees waiting their turn at the feast. Foxes and coyote hang around also in the hopes of getting some left overs. The salmon is an integral part of the eco-system. Even the forests depend on them for as they die and decay the water is enriched and that feeds the soil.

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  1. Boy, once again, you come through as a veritable font of information! Very informative, very good post. Cool picture too!

    And, before I forget (as I am often known to do of late) congrats on the blogger award too! Well deserved for sure I must add!

    And, if you’re keeping track on the “race” in my post tonight, I don’t remember if the winner would be the one who fell asleep first or who was able to stay awake – but the little guy finally bit the dust at just past 2:30 this a.m.! Yea! Yea!

  2. Sounds amazing !

  3. One of my best memories as a little girl was when we lived in Alaska and we would go salmon fishing. thanks for bringing that memory back today..I needed it.

  4. To me, fishing falls into the same category as hunting. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Good luck with the fishing!

  6. I have to say, I love your blog! You came by my blog the other day and mentioned starting a new friendship, and I believe we will. I absolutely love to eat sockeye salmon. We get it here about once a year and its just divine. It’s color is beautiful and the meat is just yummy! I love to fish as well, it’s great to see meet other women who also love to fish. Jesus certainly did his fair share of fishing too 🙂
    I like your blog and will come back to visit. Stop by my blog again too, if you get time after fishing 😉

  7. Ah, Vic, SALMON – you sure know the way to my heart!

    Love ya work …

  8. Hi Vic
    What a great area you live in. Have the Beavers returned to your area yet.

    Blog ‘mtkass’
    “The Canadian Beaver – pest or benefactor”

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