Now there’s something else that’s not good for us

All these studies about what is good for us and what is not, leaves me wondering what they think we should eat. I suppose it is obvious that soda can’t be particularly good, but nor is fruit juice as it packs a huge sugar punch. Coffee, only in small doses is recommended, and how much green tea can you take. Water is probably the best, but good water is not always available. I have been drinking diet ginger ale for some time and since I really can’t stand the taste of water and tea and coffee contribute to heartburn then that leaves me still drinking soda, but I don’t drink huge amounts unless we are having hot weather.

I have found what works for me and when I do it I feel better, my weight stabilizes and I don’t have water retention. So I don’t eat grains, I like my veg and meat. I eat fats but hardly ever have dessert unless it is fruit and homemade ice cream, made with real cream. I have bacon and eggs with fried tomatoes every day for breakfast. I make up a protein shake for lunch since my husband doesn’t eat lunch, or breakfast for that matter, and I have a regular supper but keep my portions moderate. If I snack at all between meals it is on nuts.

So I should be a disaster in the health department, but my blood pressure is good to excellent, my good cholesterol is high, my bad is low and my tryglycerides are fine. I recently had a medical complete with stress test and I am a rocking 60 year old. I exercise every day for anything from 30 minutes to an hour, winter and summer. That means if I don’t want to go out I walk around the house briskly, up and down stairs, dance to music, whatever it takes. I wear size 12 to 14 depending on the cut and I watch that I don’t gain weight. I would like it down a bit since that is healthier but I am about 10lbs over the recommended weight for my size and height, maybe I have to live with it.

I think there should not be a blanket diet and health regimen of everyone, we are all different and we have to find out what works for us. So I will probably still have my soda and not worry about it.

So what do you do about diet, exercise etc?

Bulletin: Soda Not the Best Thing to Drink

2 Responses

  1. Well, as you know I have been working on portion control. My vice is pastries….I love donuts…and any other kind of pastry in the bakery department. I have cut all of these out and actually do not miss them very much. However, I love my water and I find that if I don’t consume at least 60 ozs a day and walk around the block..I don’t lose as much weight. I am with you however…every one of us is different and what one food will do to one individual it will not have the same effect on another. BTW I love bacon and eggs for breakfast but have not had bacon for two months ;(

  2. Ah, the old waistline … always wanting to edge up a notch!

    I TRY to remember to drink my water … I tend to forget and as a result can get headaches etc. We do have wine with our supper meals and sometimes I split a beer with my husband … unless it is really hot and I’ve worked hard outside … then I’ll drink a whole one. No pop in this house. Too sweet for our tastes as we have REALLY cut back on sugar … even in our desserts. I’m afraid I’m not a fan of artificial sugar … we use the real thing … just less of it. Oh, and I have a cup of coffee in the morning and an occasional cup of tea in the afternoon (black or green) … no cream or sugar in either though I use to doctor them both up in times past.

    We go through spells of cutting out sugar and flour (wheat) … usually during and following our spring and fall cleanse. The last couple of times we have followed the Wild Rose cleanse and it works okay for us so long as one only takes one of the bowel pills at a time instead of two!!! This usually helps us lose between 2-5 lbs each. Winter is the time we take ourt weight down most, believe it or not, as we cross country ski. Now that is a work out! I’m not as fond of this activity as my DH but I give it my best shot. The problem with him is, he is the energizer bunny … once out on the trail it is hard to get him home! Summer there is gardening and walks and sometimes kayak rides. (D works in the summer and I am left without a car.)

    We eat eggs and bacon often, fruit smoothies, nuts (because they are VERY good for you) … we eat most things in fact. BUT we do not eat a lot of processed food. We make everything from scratch. For portion control, we eat off of salad sized plates. Mostly, we only make enough for two so there is no going back for seconds. We usually have a dessert of some sort even if it is only fruit.

    I too would like to be 10 lbs lighter. Maybe after this years skiing. Hopefully we’ll get a good snow pack again. We sure could use it even if the coast can’t (spring floods) as our lakes are SO low.

    If we’d cut out the wine with supper, I’d probably lose faster!

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