Revisiting an old post with an update

I wrote this last September but there are some updates:

In British Columbia, our forests are being overtaken by the Mountain Pine Beetle, which threatens to destroy them in very short order. The trees are being harvested as quickly as possible, so that the wood can be used in buildings where the defects cannot be seen, as the pine beetle leaves a smokey blue streak in the wood which has not been saleable in foreign markets.

My husband, who loves to do carpentry, is building an entertainment centre on a budget. At the local lumberyard he selected the best pieces of 1 x 2 ‘beetle’ wood and has been happily engaged in his workshop for he last few days. He has glued the strips together, planed and sanded them until satiny smooth, next he plans to apply an oil based stain and he was showing me the effect he hopes to achieve.”Anything wet shows the grain” he said, as he dipped his finger in the coffee I had just brought him, and wiped it over the wood to show me. The grain of the wood took on a beauty that was not evident before, the beetle wood gleamed pale gold, with a denim blue streak through it. It was lovely.

We liked the entertainment centre so much and we had so many compliments on it he decided to redo all the kitchen cabinets in beetle wood. I have the most unique kitchen, and it is very pretty. Here is a shot of my kitchen cabinets.

This picture is of a floor made in the denim pine as it is now called. So maybe the forests of can be redeemed. Some of the buildings that are being constructed for the 2010 Winter Olympics that are to be held in Whistler are featuring the wood.

5 Responses

  1. Hope you can get the camera to work and get a pic of the kitchen cabinets etc. Sounds really interesting. BTW – the link to the Mountain Pine Beetle info didn’t work.

  2. The post -with the photos – loaded very quickly here and by the looks of the pics, I think the wood is very attractive. Creates a really interesting pattern in it, don’t you think?

  3. Love the flooring especially!

  4. Hello! I saw your comment on my blog re: bald eagle photos.
    We do indeed blog about many of the same things! I am SO pleased to see people doing useful things with the beetle kill wood. I have heard rumblings about ideas for making furniture . . . from the looks of your husband’s stuff I can see a large potential market! It’s just a matter of some of the mills taking the job on on a larger scale. For now it’s just small guys here and there doing it independantly.
    Anyone looking for more info on the Pine Beetle disaster (now succesfully crossed over to Alberta, there’s no natural barrier to stop it raging over the Canadian Shield. Jack Pine forests are next.) can check the Pine Beetle category of my blog

    Vic, can we do a link exchange on our blogs? I agree that the content matches! I have already added you, if you don’t mind.


  5. Hi Vic,

    I like your blog and I would be interested in making a blogroll link exchange with mine at

    Thanks for your interest and feel free to drop a line anytime.


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