The Kerala Articles: Heart Attack

I often find something interesting at Kerala Articles but this is more than interesting this is a must know, so please take time to read.

Also something I posted a while back is worth bringing to your attention again.

Womens Heart Attacks are different from mens learn how to identify them. Save a life, it maybe yours.

5 Responses

  1. This was surprising for me when I first read of it in the paper. I was tested for all of this and it was scary!
    I like your new header!

  2. Thanks for highlighting this and thanks for you comment on my Million Stories blog;

  3. My wife of 30 years and I discovered this a few years back when she had a heart attack. It’s amazing that more women and men are not aware of this!

  4. I posted some stuff about this in February 2007 after I had a heart attack in the middle of the night.

    First-person account, if you or your readers choose to scroll back.

  5. Very interesting reading. I need to get a handle on the weight issues -I don’t think I eat all that much but I definitely don’t move around near enough for whatever my intake is. So, I’ve been trying to take a walk around town whenever I can do that. Problem here is I can’t get on a good schedule for walking because I can’t manage to go walking and take both the grandkids with me. I can manage with one. So, if my daughter is home and we can, we try to take both kids out and get some good walking time in then. I need to revamp my diet too though – try to get some recipes that are good but also, better for you in the process as well.
    Very good post, all in all.

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