Elvis – 30th anniversary of hs death

Funeral Procession

Why don’t they let him die? Goodness he would be 72 by now, wrinkled, potbellied, glasses and false teeth, plus all the ailments of old age, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc., and probably would be long forgotten by a fickle public. Or he might, like so many other celebrities, have himself overhauled at the plastic surgeons so many times that he could barely smile because his skin would be so tight, and continue performing long past his prime.

What is it with people that they idolize a person to this degree?Sure I liked his singing but I don’t think any of his songs were originally his. He was a good looking man but would he have ever been a huge hit if he hadn’t wiggled himself to success in an era when blatant sexuality was rarely seen in public and was considered taboo.

He died in 1977 a drug addict, but now in 2007 there are to be two concerts, different from each other, to be held on the same evening to commemorate his death, held on August 16 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Don’t you think it is odd in our society that we idolize a pop singer and drug addict, but men and women who have given their lives for their country or have served mankind is some way are all but forgotten? Do we value sensation or virtue?

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  1. An interesting point. Although I liked Elvis I’ve never been one for screaming and shouting about “celebreties”…the real “stars” in my book are those who quietly help their fellow man.

  2. Hi there. I’m here as I’ve promised.

    You’ve got an interesting collection of articles here.

    Great points about whom to idolize. I think that youths nowadays are too much influenced by media. My niece is 7 years old and she’s already a fan of Lindsay Lohan. I wonder how will I tell her that Lindsay Lohan is not really an ideal exemplar?

    Good luck to your blog. And do check Blogging Mix for blogging resources. Thanks.

  3. Excellent thought. My father was a member of the “Greatest Generation”, I got mired in the jungles of Viet Nam…somehow “The King” seems somewhat over-rated.

  4. I also do not understand this “idol” worship whether it be Elvis Presley or any of the “movie stars”. Their lives are gross, like you point out.

    Media/advertising does have a HUGE influence on people … way more than people would ever like to admit … because they wouldn’t like to think of themselves being herded like sheep! We are very happy to live without T.V.

  5. Hello,

    I agree that Elvis needs to be set free.

    My eldest sister, Melody, watched him perform in Las Vegas before he gained the weight. She was sitting next to the man she loved, who was, by the way, an incredible performer too. She told me that she was unable to take her eyes off of Elvis. Phil didn’t mind because he was watching Elvis for another reason. He did impresions of musical stars during his floor shows.

    My guess is that Elvis, being an incredibly handsome and sexy man, exuded so much potent and hypnotic sex appeal that most were unable to resist.

    Even now, if one of his movies comes on the telly, I find myself sitting down to watch him. What a hunk!

    So, there you have it. Elvis was irrestible and there has not been anyone yet to take his place. For men or women. Go figure.

  6. I am not anonymous! I left that comment and silly me, I hit the button before I input my name. Sorry.

  7. Hi Vic,

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    Moving On to Elvis… My mother is a tremendous Elvis fan. I remember telling her once that he died of a drug overdose. I think somehow she refuses to believe it. At one point she had a record that was very rare. One he had recorded for his mom as a teenager. I enjoy his music, but that is as far as it goes. Maybe it’s the music and his work they are keeping alive. For some I doubt it, however. It’s a sad, sad world that we live in. Sort of like the WWE (wrestling world) who held a big in memory of show for The wrestler who murdered his child and wife. I wonder how a show could ever allow such a thing to happen? I guess they were interested in making a profit, verses caring about what his wife’s fmaily thought. It sends a message to people saying, it’s okay if you murdered someone, we’ll forgive you!!! Sigh….

  8. Boy, how right you are about the respect we DON’T pay to those who put their lives on the line for the rest of us and then, turn around and worship musicians, athletes and the like -even when they lead lives that are much less than exemplary to boot. Go figure!

  9. Hi my name is Mark,please take time to read my comment

    elvis 30th anniversary

    To all you out there complaining about the idolisation of Elvis presley,although you are all welcome to your own opinions it is quite clear that you know very little about the man.
    Yes he was a drug taker but they were prescription drugs for certain ailments and not hard drugs as you would expect,he very rarely smoked and didnt like alcahol.
    As for his music some of the songs were cover versions but most of his hits were written for him,he did co write some numbers and musically arranged all of his stage shows personally.
    He was also a very charitable person, in 1961 he personally wrote 40 cheques for $1000 each to local hospitals, care homes, schools etc,etc. in 1973 he staged a concert in Hawaii which raised $75000+ for charity. These were just a few of his charitable donations most of which went unnoticed resulting in near bank ruptsey just before the time of his death.
    The memory of Elvis Presley,the man,the music and more is very special to millions of people. I would suggest to any body that whether you like or dislike Elvis Presley take a moment to read past the media comments and dicover what the man was really about.
    I am a big fan as you may guess and my partner took me to Memphis earlier this year,she wasnt a fan of his but having been and seen first hand the legend that he has left,she certainly has great respect for some one who was more than just a ” sexy singer who took drugs “.

  10. Some obsess about Elvis, some obsess about those that obsess about Elvis.

  11. b4 i start i must warn u my spelling is terrible and its late at night when im writing this wich doesnt help my consentraion.Yep a very intresting piont tht u hav made bt i dnt see why u hav picked on elvis imperticully. Firstly Elvis Revalutionlised the music industry with or without his own personally written songs tht doesnt matter the fact is this he enfluenced thousands maybe even millions. I completly agree with ‘mark’s comment you clearly understand the problems the king faced. ahh ur probelly thinking he had lodes of cash and welth bt even ppl at the top hav troubles. elvis waz a very religouse man and had trouble with understanding why god had given him this gift coming from a very poor background this is understandable
    anywayz! i guess wat im trying to say here is tht im nt trying to make u like the man because everyone is allowed an opinion but jst hav some respect for the millions who did and still do enjoy and love the younge memphis boy who became king. Letelvis memory live on dnt try and distroy it with negative comments that would persuade the younger appealing audience to stray from liking elvis’ music.Im14 and i adore every part of the legend, I discoverd his music alone niether of my parents paticully like him I think im living proof tht aslong as music is around so will the legend of elvis presley.

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