Unusual British Columbia place names

Unusual British Columbia place names

  1. Baldy Hughes
  2. Burnt Flat
  3. Clo-oose
  4. Fireside
  5. Horsefly
  6. Hydraulic
  7. Moose Heights
  8. Pouce Coupe (french for “cut thumb”)
  9. Skookumchuck
  10. Spuzzum
  11. Ta ta Creek
  12. Salmon Arm
  13. Blubber Bay

2 Responses

  1. Boy, you’re right – you got some strange named places. I know, I’m a fine one to talk since the name of the village where I live is “Grassflat” and there’s not many flat spots in the whole darned town!
    Way back, when I worked for the NRA in Washington, the data entry dept. handled all the magazine subscriptions and we all used to love reading some of the town names we saw – Razorback, West Virginia; Jackass Flats, Nev. are two that I remember.

  2. My friend lived in Moose Flats for about 10 years!

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