Bear in the back yard today

Yesterday we went to town and as we backed out of the driveway on the bend of the road about 40ft away was a mother bear and two cubs. We straightened up and drove slowly up to her. She sent the cubs scampering into the bush but she rose up on her hind legs and waited to see what we would do. She was all black except for a cinnamon coloured flash on her chest. We stayed still and eventually she dropped back down and followed the cubs. Of course, I did not remember to bring my camera.

Anyway this afternoon I had just gone outside to water some impatience plants that I have by the door and there she was again with her cubs, she was a bit close for comfort so I went inside quietly. I grabbed the camera and went out on the deck as quietly as I could. The cubs ran back into the bush but she stayed and poked around a bit and started walking closer. I took a few shots but I wish I had a telephoto lens and the shots were not that good but this is the best one. After a while she joined the cubs, I think she knew I was there as her nose was sniffing the air but I was about 20ft away and the deck is 5ft above ground with a fence around it so I had plenty of time to get out of the way if necessary.

Living close to the wilderness in is always interesting

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  1. Hi Vic, I always wanted to sea a free bear in my life!! It was fascinating to read your report. I admire you that you can live like this out in the real nature of wilderness. I like your blog!Nice to meet you.:-))

  2. Dang Vic, you need to get a good camera that accepts interchangable lenses. Living where you do it would be easy to get lots of good wildlife photos.

  3. The only bears we get here are toy ones! Have a great Sunday.

  4. Although we don’t get frequent visits where I live from the bear community, once in a blue moon, one will decide to stop by “civilization” for a walk-thru. A few years back, my neighbor just down the street was out hanging up clothes to dry, heard a rustling sound and when she looked up, there was a big old bear right in her backyard. A bit unsettling she said about it later! That same summer, my younger daughter Mandy happened to see a bear in our back yard – not near as close to the house as was our neighbor’s -but it spooked Mandy so much she came in from the deck and immediately locked the back door behind her too. I asked her later if she was afraid the bear was going to come right up on the deck and try to come in the kitchen and her response was “Well, you just never know, Mom.” Telephoto lens or not, it was still a darned good picture!

  5. I remembe when we lived in alaska and we were on a set of swings when a momma bear and her cubs showed up at the tree line….very awesome but also very scary. I like it better when the moose came up to the picture window and we were safe inside our home 😉

  6. Vic – stop by my blog and pick up a little gift there I have for you. No, it’s not a MEME either!

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