My new gadget – Magic Bullet

Recently I bought a Magic Bullet on sale at Canadian Tire. I had seen the infomercial on TV and thought I would give it a try. I find it a really handy gadget and it does what it claimed it could do.

Today I used it to make myself a coffee latte, it is as good as a fancy coffee machine. I made my husband a banana shake for breakfast and I used it also to make a smoked trout pate, which was very tasty, also to puree up some left over beef stew and called it soup for a first course at dinner.

I also used it to chop up strawberries and made ice cream in my ice cream gadget. (I love gadgets, all types) The ice cream maker is not a very good one but it gets the job done.

There is another gadget I want, a soymilk maker, I keep entering the monthly draw at ‘Soyquick’ in hope of winning one. I don’t want to order one because I would like to taste the milk before I part with my cash, but a free one would be great. Last year I started using soymilk instead of dairy because it was suggested that I might be allergic to dairy, but since then that has been disproved, however I prefer the original soy milk (no flavour) rather than skim milk so I stuck with it. Soymilk makes better custards and sauces than skim milk.

I don’t think there are any more kitchen gadgets for me to try, but I love browsing in those departments in the big stores.

This by the way is not an advertisment that I am getting paid for, I am not too keen on blogs that do that, I feel there is enough advertising everywhere else I don’t want to read it on blogs. However being a very practical person I have wondered how much money one could make from doing it.

It has been raining off an on all day and we have had several thunderstorms, Annie the dog has spent the day hiding in the truck and we just had to drag her out for night time. She is now trembling in the spare bathroom, which she has claimed as her own. The last thunder was about half an hour ago and it was very dark outside but now the sky is clearing and the sun is shining. I think my plants are confused by the cold weather. I had a wood fire going today. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

3 Responses

  1. I hope the magic bullet works well…
    have a very happy solstice day…
    pouring with rain here…
    see you

  2. Hmm in here it’s easier to buy soymilk rather than making it. Since a lot of peddlers still pass by in the morning selling soy milk and vegetables. Well my city is still considered rural so we have a lot of peddlers (vegetables and fruits salesman with bike)

  3. Sorry your Annie is so afraid of thunderstorms. My sister-in-law had a dog like that. If she wasn’t inside she’d bolt … one time they found her on the other side of the Fraser River (down at the coast) … and not near a bridge either … she swam it … and where she crossed is pretty wide!

    We like kitchen gadgets too, though we try and keep them down to a dull roar as there is a limit to counter and cupboard space.

    We are haveing a showery day here as well. As for plants, my one cuke gave up the ghost … too wet for its sensitive tastes.

    Keep cozy!

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