Animals I have seen in my yard

Animals I have seen in my yard

  1. Big male bear last week
  2. Mother bear with two cubs two days ago
  3. Porcupine with baby
  4. Foxes
  5. Coyotes
  6. Wolf
  7. Muskrat
  8. Stoat
  9. Shrew
  10. Squirrels
  11. White tail deer
  12. Moose with new born
  13. Wild cat

Fishing again

Yesterday evening the two men went fishing for about four hours. They figured they caught about 20 rainbow trout, they threw back 10 and brought back 10 so I will be getting the smoker out over the weekend. Smoked trout is very tasty I prefer it to fresh.

We had internet problems here this morning, it seems part of BC and Alberta was out. Very frustrating as I had an important e-mail to go out. I have been having problems with my connection lately so I hope they have fixed that. I hope to go onto wireless in the fall but it is pretty expensive I think, about $53 a month with a setup fee of $200, but maybe that is standard I don’t know. It will be nice to have the websites I go to load quicker. Some of them take so long that I have stopped going so frequently.

We still having torrential rain and it is going to stay that way right over the long weekend the weather people say so forget a garden, the strawberries will be rotten before they are ripe this year. The silver lining is that we are not a likely candidate for forest fires.

Connecting – What does that mean?

I am reading a book right now which is about relationships. Specifically in this book it is about God, but I am sure a lot of it applies to human relationships. I have never felt I am very good at relationships or at least what I think it means. I am not particularly demonstrative, being uncomfortable with a lot of emotion and I don’t think I have a romantic bone in my body. I am the ultimate pragmatist.

There is a lot of mention about connecting in the book, what does that mean to you? To me it is having common interests, good conversation and seeing each other once in a while, but I feel that what the writer means is sharing deep personal revelations, having warm feelings for the other person and hanging out with that person all the time.

I hope I am connected to my husband, we get on well, we each value our own space, lots of it, and we value each others space. We are affectionate but not overly emotional. We talk about everything, we are best friends.

I notice that many people on blogs leave messages about loving their internet friends, how can that be if you have never met them. I must be missing something, I can appreciate a person’s mind, their ability to share clearly but it doesn’t make me love them. Is there something about connecting with others that I am missing do you think? Some people blogs are very popular and I think they have found this ingredient of good content and connectivity.

My trusty anti bug hat

It is not raining today so I thought I would catch up on some outside chores. So armed with my trusty anti-bug hat and covered up elsewhere I ventured out.

Did a little weeding, de-pooped the grass, I can’t call it a lawn by any stretch of the imagination and generally messed about for a bit.

I have this old Aussie type hat that I sewed netting around the rim and dressed it up with a silk flower. My husband is not too keen on it but it keeps the bugs off, they really like me. It is amazing if there is a mosquito or black fly anywhere near they don’t bother anyone else they just dive bomb me. It is one of the things I have had to get used to living in the north.

I am looking forward to our solarium, then I can pretend I am outside enjoying the great outdoors but I won’t actually have to go out in it!

Hubby has gone off to get firewood. There is so much wood around here that we can easily get the four cords we need for our wood stove and it is all free. He has taken Annie the dog so I hope there are no thunderstorms brewing. She will probably find a nice pile of bear poop to roll in and he will have to find a stream or puddle to try and get it off. I used to go with him when we first moved here, but I don’t now, he actually enjoys it, getting out in the wilderness, but it is more of an endurance test for me and I am not much use to him anyway as the rounds he cuts are too heavy for me to get into the truck. So I made him a rhubarb cake, he’ll like that when he gets back.

Great fairy stories as political comment

I was meditating on life and my part in it yesterday and the story of the Wizard of Oz popped into my mind. More specifically the two characters below, the Lion who needed courage and the Tin Man who needed a heart. Any endeavour requires these things doesn’t it? Without courage and heart we might as well not start.

It seems such a simple truth but this site discusses the deeper meaning of the story. Check out
Symbolism of the Wizard of Oz if you are interested.

The Cowardly Lion, according to Henry Littlefield, represents William Jennings Bryan, who made the first of three unsuccessful bids for the presidency in the election of 1896. Bryan was the Democratic Party’s nominee for president and he embraced some Populist issues, most notably “free silver,” the bi-metallic monetary standard that Populists thought would allow farmers greater access to credit. The Populists were faced with the choice of either running their own candidate or choosing “fusion” with the Democratic Party. The Populists opted to select Bryan as their candidate as well, risking being absorbed by the Democratic Party and dwindling as a movement. By casting their lot with the Democrats, the Populists felt they could expand their influence outside of the rural parts of the country. Ultimately, however, it appears the Populists made the wrong bet. Bryan lost the election and the Populists were never regained the influence they enjoyed in the 1890s. Perhaps the undoing of the Populist movement was their failure to attract the support of industrial workers. In Baum’s original story, upon first meeting the Cowardly Lion strikes at the Tin Man, but his claws do not make a dent in his metal body—just as the Populists efforts to create a coalition between farmers and industrial workers were unsuccessful. Littlefield equates this futile act on the part of the Cowardly Lion with Bryan’s failure to win the vote of industrial laborers. Littlefield suggested that Baum revealed his skepticism about politicians through the character of the Cowardly Lion. Bryan may have been a great orator, but despite his roar, he had no real power.

Gene Clanton agrees that the Cowardly Lion could represent Bryan but he sees a broader meaning in this symbol. He interprets the “Cowardly Lion as William Jennings Bryan or any major party politico cowed by the money power.” [2] In The Historian’s Wizard of Oz, R. Dighe includes editorial cartoons from the 1890s that depict William Jennings Bryan as a lion. He points out, however, that the image of a lion was also used for the Populist Party in political cartoons, so perhaps the Cowardly Lion represents not an individual, but the Populist Party generally.

The Tin Man according to Henry Littlefield, the Tin Man represents industrial workers. In Baum’s original book, the Tin Man explains that he had once been human, but that the Wicked Witch of the East had put a curse on his axe. With each swing of his axe he had chopped off a part of his body. The only person who could help him was the tinsmith, who replaced the severed parts of his body with artificial limbs made out of tin. Eventually his entire body was made of tin. The fate of the Tin Man suggests the dehumanization of industrial labor. When Dorothy and the Scarecrow find the Tin Man he has rusted to the point where he is immobile. According to Littlefield, this is a reference to the depression of the 1890s that had closed many factories and left large numbers of workers unemployed. Most of the analysts who see The Wizard of Oz as a political allegory agree that the Tin Man represents industrial workers. According to Gretchen Ritter the Tin Man is the “hardened worker”.

Yet another thunder and lightening storm

We have had a week of horrendous storms and with lots of rain, I think everything is completely water logged. It is banging and crashing overhead right now, Annie the dog is getting very upset, I can hear her trying to hide behind the toilet in the spare bathroom.

Before the storm my husband was putting up flashing on the solarium but the big drops of rain forced him to stop.
He only got half the job done so he will have to wait until we get another break in the rain. It is slowing down the outside work.

New photo almost exactly nine years since the last

I have been trying to take my own photo since I got my little camera and finally I have one that I can live with. The one that has been on my blog since I started was taken when I got married nine years ago, so it is time to update it or age it as the case may be.

I must remember to smile more it makes the wrinkles and double chin look a lot better!

I am having fun with my camera but I was disappointed last evening when a black bear walked through the yard and it wouldn’t get close enough for me to take a photo, it hung back in the trees and I would have needed a telephoto lens and you don’t get that for $8.45. Maybe I will really get into using the camera and have to get a much better one.

I am currently looking for a mobile phone. They don’t work here in the village but I would like one when I am driving on the highway, in case I break down. They either have contracts that seem like a lot to pay monthly for only once in a while use if that, or pay as you go which have cards that expire, what a rip off, it is like cash money and it expires what sort of scam is that.

The sun is finally shining and it is quite nice outside however the weather guru says we will have more thunder showers this afternoon.