Going to Calgary for about 2 weeks

Early in the morning
I can see the rising sun
Gonna pack my suitcase
Gone for a long, long run
Got to catch a Greyhound
Drive through the night and day.

Mick Abrahams: “Greyhound Bus”

5 Responses

  1. I think buying a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle is a great idea ! Would really like to know how well your new car performs in your area !

    DR Japan

  2. When are you leaving? Just hoping it’s not too late to wish you a great trip!

  3. Here’s hoping the scenery on your trip -as you leave the driving “to us” as Greyhound’s old slogan went -is as beautiful as it appears in the photo with the bus. Enjoy the trip but hurry back home!

  4. you lucky girl…a bit difficult for me not being abble to travel anymore…enjoy yourself…
    love from Mousie

  5. I’ve been in the throes of moving and haven’t been by to visit in some time! Hope you are having a wonderful time…

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