Things I dislike

Things I dislike

  1. Hand blow driers in bathrooms that take for ever and then don’t dry your hands anyway.
  2. Constant barrage of mail asking for charitable donations, they’d save some of it if they didn’t mail me.
  3. Phone calls soliciting money for good causes that won’t take No for an answer.
  4. E-mail spam and Forward Forward mail.
  5. People who are too polite to say what they mean.
  6. Unexpected company.
  7. Temperatures over 75F or 25C.
  8. Baths, I take showers.
  9. Blue, a depressing colour.
  10. Perfumes that smell of fruit, they remind me of garbage pails that need emptying.
  11. People who let their kids scream in malls.
  12. Dogs that run and jump up at me .
  13. Washing dishes.

4 Responses

  1. I think washing dishes could be all 13 on my list. LOL

  2. Numbers 5 and 10 are particular dislikes of mine. Politeness is nice, but I’m kind of dense, so spare me the subtlety! 🙂 I think I was at least 20 before I understood that, “Wow, it’s getting late” meant “Please go home now.”

  3. What? You mean that means “go home now?” One learns something new everyday, for sure!
    I think, in my household, my daughter, stepdaughter and I all must have #13 listed for each and every item with me being the one who usually ends up doing that doggone chore! What the heck did I have kids for anyway? I used to tell my kids I had them so I wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing a dishwasher and you can see how well that worked out for me if you could see my kitchen sink right now! Second time today it’s been full of dishes, cups, silver, baby bottles, etc., waiting to be washed. Boo Hiss on dishes!

  4. I could have written this, except I love blue, so I will substitute parents letting their kids loose in a restaurant to trip up waitresses and get hurt themselves — and the restaurant table is made to have food on top, not children under.

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