From the sublime to the ridiculous

I was delighted to see a little blue pansy peeking through the snow this morning. I didn’t expect any of my pansies to make it through the winter. So that was my sublime moment today.

Now to the ridiculous. I had made some cream of chicken soup and after tasting it decided it was a little too salty so decided to add a little milk. My mind said “Add milk” but my hand, the traitor, grabbed the ginger ale and I poured about half a cup into the soup before I realized what I was doing.

I tried to pass it off on my husband but I couldn’t keep a straight face as he started to eat it. We had cinnamon buns instead for lunch.

7 Responses

  1. Ms. Grace,

    Thanks for maintaining this Blog. It surely takes most of us close to that part of Canada, where you are fortunate to reside in.


  2. What a hoot! When I read your post today, I confess I laughed out loud at the error of your hand with the ginger ale! Too funny! And probably most any of us have done similar goofy things while cooking too. Reminds me of when I was a kid and decided to experiment in the kitchen and bake some cookies. The recipe called for I think it was 2 tsp of baking soda but I was very naive then, didn’t understand a lot of terms and put in two tablespoons full of baking powder. Talk about a bitter concoction but they sure did puff up nicely.

  3. lol – I poured milk instead of boiling water into the teapot the other day!

    How much snow do you have left? Ours is all gone, at long last.

  4. a ginger ale for soup =D
    I once poured salt for my coffee, and served it to guests. How embarassing !

  5. I salted chipped beef. We were thirsty for weeks!

  6. Thanks for your comment at my blog.Please feel free to come again.Your blog it’s really nice many animal here.I never give up and be yourself in every situation.God Bless You and All The Best..

  7. That made me laugh out loud! I wonder if chefs in Paris will soon be touting creme de poulet au ginger ale on their menus…

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