Just catching up with everyone

Have not had anything to write for a while so have spent some time catching up with people.

Today I took Annie for a walk and all of a sudden she came hurtling out the bush with a wild cat after her. She wasn’t really frightened just knew that flight was better and fight. The wildcat disappeared when it saw me. They are not very big, I am not sure if it is a cat born from a once domesticated cat and is now wild, or a genuine wildcat. It was a good size for a cat and covered with longish gray hair.

5 Responses

  1. Perhaps it was a lynx? Did it have a tail. I thought I had one in my yard last year.

  2. Smart dog, that Annie! I’d turn tail and run too if I were her!

  3. I’m with Annie! I would have run off too! LOL

  4. I like Cicero’s idea – that it was really a Lynx — sounds much more exotic.

  5. Hi. I’m here visiting from the bloggers over 50….

    Wild cats? How scary. Glad it ran away when it saw you. Who knows what it would have done with Annie if you hadn’t been nearby.

    And below, in your other post –the only time I had the opportunity to see moose sauntering across the road was in Yellowstone National Park in USA….I bet that was so beautiful!!

    Hope you can drop by and visit with me if you can find time. Have a great week.

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