Chicken little and the grizzly bear tracks

We took Annie the dog for a walk down by the river today. The sun felt really warm although the wind was quite cold. My husband wanted to check if he get down to the bank to go fishing yet. I think he is crazy clambering about on slippery rocks but the fish are calling him so what can I say.

He was excitedly pointing out animal tracks, “Oh look there is a moose” or “I think that is a grizzly because the black bears aren’t out yet”. He was making me quite nervous. I am not really the outdoorsy type and I would feel a lot safer on a city street than walking in the tracks of a grizzly, especially as we watched the movie “The Edge” last night with Anthony Hopkins. It was filmed in Alberta and had a man eating grizzly taking one of the major parts!

My husband always tells me my fears are unfounded, he feels it is a lot safer in the bush than in a city, whereas I am the exact opposite. Even when I am messing about in the garden in summer I always have an eye out for a bear which is not unfounded as we have had several on the property.

My husband has great plans for the ATV he bought. He wants us to take picnics out into the bush and enjoy nature. I see it another way. If I don’t get eaten by a bear the mosquitoes will get me. We don’t have a gun so I hope he can get the ATV up to top speed. I know I am making a fuss here on the blog but I won’t spoil his fun, he really loves living out here. I don’t mind it but I like to view my nature from the safety of our truck, or the comfort of my living room, chicken that I am.

I am looking forward to going to Calgary in May to see two of our sons and inhaling the fumes of the passing cars, seeing the window displays, and doing city things. My husband hates cities and can’t get out of them fast enough. It had to be the attraction of opposites I can’t think how else we ended up together.

4 Responses

  1. I hope my reading these blogs doesn t make me a lurker nor a peeping tom I was only interested in reading the stories as I m interested in Northern BC and the lifestyle. My name isn t on the blog because I don t know how to use computers very well.

    Anyways it was nice to read how people live in Northern BC

  2. Hi me, I think lurking is repeatedly coming to a blog and never saying hi.
    Thanks for popping by

  3. Watch out for those grizz Vic! I hear they have ZERO sense of humor. LOL!

  4. I’m a good bit like you Vic – I like the outdoors well enough as long as it is still semi-civilized too! Where I live, we often get deer in the village, in our back yard. And, we’ve had a bear or two come wandering into a few back yards here as well but not on a very regular-type basis and visit like that, I can abide. We also get those lovely little creatures that slither along on the ground too, wag their split tongues about, shake their tails and rattle and those things, I DEFINITELY can do without! We’re countryish here but not wilderness! And this is wild enough for me!

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