Some things about me

Jobs I have had in my life:
Exercise Instructor
Spa Manager
Health Food sales person
Personnel Manager
Home school teacher
Hotel Manager
Computer teacher
Year 2K consultant
Had my own House cleaning business
Web Page Designer
Movies I liked:
Crocodile Dundee
Lord of the Rings
Taming of the Shrew
TV shows I watch:
National Geographic Specials
Frontiers of Construction
Places I have lived:
UK – Hayes, Acton, Ascot, Bromley, Westgate-on-Sea, Cliftonville
Iraq – Kirkuk, Upper Zab
USA – Aurora, Champagne, Decatur, Springfield, Illinois
Canada – Toronto, Vancouver, Qualicum Beach, Granisle
Four of my favourite foods:
Roast Lamb with mint sauce
Liver and onions
Curried anything
Places I would rather be right now:
Visiting my sons
Somewhere warm
In a park with spring flowers
Names of pets that I have had:
Tiger the cat
Dickie the budgie
Simon and Garfunkel the Siamese cats
Boots the cat
Four favourite gifts I like to give and/or receive:
Go out to a meal
A gadget
Things I’ve collected in my life:
Kitchen Gadgets
What is most important to me:
My Christian faith
My husband
My kids
My computer!!

2 Responses

  1. Ah, another great post Vic! I love reading what other people have done in terms of jobs they’ve had over the years, and favorites – like books and movies, foods, etc. Always is fun to see how many things I have in common with the people I meet in my blog readings!

  2. This is a super post – you’ve been a busy bee! I’m just tooling through my “50” list – it’s been so long. Have a wonderful week!

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