What have we here?

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  1. I LOVE THOSE !!! Wouldn’t one of those be fun in a beach house in Hawai’i??? Way cool…

  2. I just took another look at the handle…well, still, even though it’s not for teeth brushin’, they’re still cool. I hate to have to keep the ones with stamens clean!

  3. Where on earth did you find these? I got it right away, and as amazing gracie said, cleaning them is no joy. But I say the one who uses them should be the one who cleans them, right?
    I’ve joined the over 50 bloggers recently (should be in the over 70s but doesn’t exist) and I’m checking out the blogs on my sidebar.

  4. Good grief!

  5. Wow! i never thought i would say
    ‘what beautiful urinals!’

  6. THey are really beautiful though aren’t they? Very, very creative minds at work there but I too wonder what a bear they might be to keep clean.

  7. At first, I thought, with 4 boys in the house — they would be wonderful. But Jeni’s comment is truly the reality. That would probably keep me up at night.

  8. fancy.but boy what a job to clean them flowers.too pretty for this use.

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