Beautiful day but mind the moose

The sky is bright blue, there are a few clouds scudding over, and on my deck it is really warm. Since the puppy has gone I have to get all the dog snot off my patio door. The sun is lovely but it shows up every little thing. So now they are nice and shiny, but as that sunbeam slides across my wood floors everything, that the lower winter sun did not expose, is showing up. You can’t win, the snow is receding and that is great but with that Annie the dog has started shedding and I have white balls of fluff all over the place. She has a fabulous winter coat but Maremma’s shed twice a year.

So I suppose I will have to get into spring cleaning mode, but not too soon. I have lived up in the north of Canada to know that winter will not go out meekly, and we will still have a real dip in temperature plus more snow before spring really is here.

The moose have had a really bad winter, yesterday on the local news they told the story of an eleven year old boy waiting for his school bus, when he spotted a moose coming out of the bush behind him. It started to lower its head and paw the ground and then walked toward him. Luckily he had the sense to high tail it as fast as he could back home. The moose chased him all the way. It could have killed him. The moose are bad tempered right now, it has been a long winter, the snow is making it difficult for them to escape predators and some of them are getting infested with ticks which drive them mad.

We all have been warned not to go anywhere near a moose right now. They will even attack your vehicle.

9 Responses

  1. Hi Vic Grace,
    This sounds like it is a dangerous thing with the moose.I have never been around such big animals!!Come to my neck of the woods. Baba

  2. Hey vic, hope birthday was good?
    I am waiting for a new documentary:
    ‘When Moose Go Bad’

  3. belated wishes vic, I bet it is cold up there where moose meets man.

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  5. Boy -those moose are something else! I got a big chuckle out of your “white furballs” too – our cat, good old Gracie – is a black calico but the kind that is very, very furry and judging by the number of furballs she leaves everywhere she decides to land, she should have been bald many years ago! They are all over the darned place!

  6. Our dog, Harvey, moults all year round. It amazes me that he can shed so much hair and still have loads left on his back!

    I suppose living in comparative wilderness has to have its downsides! I wouldn’t like to have to outrun a moose!

  7. Gee, you got a “Bong” post! How’d they manage to get on here???

    I’ll never look at Bullwinkle the same…

  8. Vic, I was referring to the fourth post here. It’s for a “head shop,” and they sell stuff for dopers. It just seemed surprising to see it here, especially!!! And no, I’m not an expert!!! ;^*

  9. Wow… I never realized moose could be aggressive.I guess the most comparable critter we have to contend with here are over-sized white-tailed deer…and they’re not likely to attack…


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