Ice fishing and dog speak

The ice on the lake is very thick now and you can see little sticks dotted about where the ice fisherman have left them so they can return to the holes they have drilled in the ice. It is a gorgeous day today, really warm in the sun so a good day to sit on the ice a catch fish.

We occasionally put down a line and leave it overnight to catch Burbot which is a very delicate tasting fish although really ugly to look at, but quite a few people pull trout out even at this time of year.

The melt is starting though, which is good, we are meant to have above freezing weather for the next week although we will get a last blast of winter before it finally leaves us. I really don’t think we will see green grass again until May or June. In fact if the snow melts too fast that will be a problem also.

Both dogs are fast asleep right now so I can take a break. Not that Annie the dog isn’t perfectly behaved but Pupzilla (Muffin) who we are dog sitting is a full time job. However I have taught her not to jump on my furniture, to sit and stay (for short times only) while I open the front door. When we got her a week ago she would make a bee line for it at every occasion. It has been interesting to watch Annie teaching her. The first day we got her we were trying to show her where it would be acceptable to go toilet. I let her out on the snow covered deck and she just wandered around as I stood there in my pajamas at 7am at -10C, she just kept wandering and I kept saying “Go pee Muffin”. Then Annie the dog looked at me and indicated she wanted to go out on the deck too. Two seconds later Annie walks over to a pile of snow and pees and then gets the pups head in her mouth and hauls it over to the pee and growls in the back of her throat although her tail was wagging. Muffin then realized that is what we were all waiting for. Annie looked at me as if to say “Do I have to show her how to do everything”. Annie has never used our deck as a toilet before or since.

You may wonder why we always refer to our dog as Annie the Dog, that is because we have a good friend Annie and if I refer to Annie I always have to clarify who I am talking about. If I yell stay they are both likely to stop in their tracks. LOL

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  1. Hi…I saw your comment on another blog and thought I’d stop in and say hello! I’m also a grandma, not too fat, not too thin! “A cave dweller at heart but not the least bit shy” — that’s me to a “t”! I enjoyed my visit and will be back again. Please stop by when you get a chance to get acquainted! The door’s always open! 🙂

  2. LOL! I loved the bit about Annie the Dog teaching “pupzilla” where to go potty! Pretty smart dog you have there, Vic! Wonder if Annie the Dog would be up for loan to help us in the potty training exercises here with my granddaughter? So far, we have zero luck in getting her even interested in the idea much less performing! Sure do hope her little brother isn’t as bull-headed about this process as Miss Maya is being.

  3. What a smart dog Annie is! Sometimes I swear you can almost hear dogs sighing in exasperation.

    Is that a burbot in the photo? It looks like a happy fish – even if it is ugly.

  4. ice fishing – what a strnage idea from down here in the sun and the sand. The fish sounds good though.

    Annie the Dog – yep, I can understand that!


  5. Hey thanks for dropping by the other day. Ice fishing…I have a lovely picture of my hubby ice fishing…and what the use for an outhouse…..he hasn’t done any ice fishing since he left back east..being Islanders now it doesn’t get cold enough….

    Now the Annie thing….to funny….

    Hope you had a great day!

  6. I just adore dogs! Our Schnauzer is like that with our Shih Tzu, who is full of life and is so sweet, but not the sharpest crayon in the box. You can just sense the exasperation and frustration! I get the biggest kick out of watching them.

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