Is this cruelty to animals ? A friend sent me a whole bunch of these pictures and they are truly fantastic but I am not sure they are a good thing for the animal concerned.

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  1. The photos your friend sent you like this one – were they bunches of cats all “painted” up or their fur dyed and it has to be redone every 3 or 6 months, something like that and costs oodles and oodles of money? If so, I think a good friend of mine may have sent that to me too. Interesting enough but yet, in my mind, it says some people have way too much money – and time -on their hands and could be doing things a lot more productive with their energies.

  2. Yes thats the one.

  3. I think you have to really wonder just what it would be like to have this same thing done to you.

    The things we do for entertainment…or maybe it’s just a good photoshop job?

    Anyways, just stopping by reading around, although I probably shouldn’t. An honest writing style with a lot of testament to good things.

  4. Hey vic, yes they are cool photos but not sure the cats would agree at all.
    How is the new computer going?

  5. I received the same photos. I suspect drugging was involved! Have you ever tried to bathe a cat? There’s no way you could do this to a cat and not be scratched bloody.

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