He’s in seventh heaven

Yesterday a woman came by looking for donations for Heart and Stroke. She works in the post office and we have often chatted but she rarely has come up to our place, it must have been at least two years, however we invited her in for a moment and while chatting my husband mentioned he wanted to buy an ATV to move the snow, get wood and go into the more difficult to reach lakes in the area. So she said if she heard of anything she’s give us a call. This morning she called saying someone had just pinned an advertisment on the village message board about an ATV for sale. So down he goes to see it with a friend who is knowledgable about these things. After checking it out it was decided it was a good buy. It is a 2004 Susuki 400 with blade and chains and in good condition. I don’t believe in co-incidences I believe that was a God-incident.

He will be playing with that all weekend I expect which is good because I will be picking up my computer Friday and have lots to do. One of the things I have been checking is browsers and search engines. Because I do not have any choice but use dial up I wanted to see if I could get faster response. Even though my new computer will be a bit faster on my end of things the dial up doesn’t change. I found out that Opera made by a Norwegian company is considered the best and fastest browser and is a free download. Also I was looking for fast page rendering because some of the blogs I go to have so many pictures that they take ages. Alltheweb with LiveSearch is apparently one of the better search engines. Also there was a bit about AOL being faster as it downloads text before pictures rather than most search engines that download the pictures first. I have to check into that a bit more.

If anyone has any opinions about the above I would welcome them.

3 Responses

  1. Hello! Just popping in to say “hi” and hoping your new computer was up and running. I had forgotten about this year being the year we start with the earlier DST. I like the idea but I hope the poor animals don’t get too confused!!!
    See you soon…

  2. Just saying HI, the excitement of a new toy……..

  3. Boy – once again, you teach me things! This time it’s about browsers. I have no clue about things like that. I had heard of the term “firefox” but didn’t know what it was until Skittles told me a bit more about it. My knowledge there is limited to Internet Explorer and Firefox and that knowledge is VERY limited, indeed! Hope your setup and installing stuff goes smoothly for you and the new computer is faster, better and a good tool.

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