It’s a wonderful life

It’s a beautiful day, the sun in shining the snow is sparkling and it is just on 0C right now. We had a little snow yesterday so everything is clean and white and I got out there and pushed it up the driveway and then took my broom, not the one I fly on, LOL, and brushed it clean, mixing the ash from the fire about, so hopefully the snow will melt in the sun. Then I carried wood from the woodshed into the house. Cleaned up after Annie the dog, since she is tied in the front right now because of the height of the snow in our backyard, she has had to use the snow under the front window to go toilet and it is not a pretty sight so I flung it into the bush, maybe it will be like marking her territory, do you think?

Did some chores around the house, made lunch and now can settle awhile in front of the computer and answer e-mail and other stuff. Hubby went carpet bowling this morning and now is in his workshop painting strips of wood which will be for the solarium he is building. We have great plans for that room. It will not be that big 10′ x 10′ but it is on the south side and on a day like today would be plenty warm enough and will give us the feel of being outside. We bought a grape last year and it did really well so we plan to have it grow inside the solarium to give us shade in the summer and even a few grapes. It gave us eight big bunches in its first year. I also want to put some bulbs in so I can have some spring flowers in March or April, here we are designated as 2B in gardening terms so we don’t usually see the daffodils and tulips until late May or even June. This year I don’t expect to see anything up until July since the snow is so deep. We have a friend who had a solarium sent up in pieces which he had to put together himself and it cost him $30,000 and it isn’t much bigger than ours will be. We estimate it will cost us $1,000that’s a big difference and we have been buying wood little by little so I have not noticed the cost on the usual budget. The glass is coming from all the windows we took out last year and replaced with new ones.

Our chatty local bigot popped over to borrow an onion. He is quite a nice fellow in himself but I have to clamp down on him when he starts referring to other people in derogatory terms. He has atendency to tidy everything up, not that the place is untidy, but if he sees the couch just a little bit crooked it gets straightened or a book sticking out too much on a shelf he has to tap it back into place. He keeps a spotless house himself and is very industrious and a great cook also.

I have been busy cleaning up my computer as there is stuff I don’t need to have transferred to the new one when I get it. I haven’t had the quote yet but I will get it anyway. I have found someone to give this computer to who has a computer even older. He is a Carrier, an aboriginal man who was born and raised here. We are having pan fried trout for supper. This is fish we caught last year, I have lots of it, I have to try and get rid of it before the fishing season starts again. Even the dog is having trout.

It’s starting to cloud over a little so I think I will go throw another log on the fire. This is the retired life, I have plenty to keep me busy but no one to tell me I have to do anything. I am grateful that both my husband and I are healthy, we have a lovely little home, an old truck that is good for another five years and no debts. By many North Americans standards we would be considered poor but we think we are rich and I count my blessings every day.

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  1. You painted such a lovely portrait of a life so different from mine but I do enny you. Not in a sinful sense, but more in an appreciative sense. My cousin lives in a mountainous area about 60 mi. south of Los Angeles where it really gets cold, believe it or not! During our really cold spell, her overnights were 8-9 degrees, which is cold for our area. She lives alone so is responsible for hauling her wood, etc. Her back yard is the national forest…it is quite nice.
    Our plan is to sell our house and live in a mobile home for a couple of years, while buying property in the mountains here (Tehachapi). Then when my husband retires (3 yrs) we’ll put a manufactured home on the property. We can’t wait to get out of the “city.” I love to feed the birds and watch “critters.”
    Your Annie is a gorgeous dog. I feel for her having to be tied…poor baby. I hope the snow level goes down soon.

  2. Hello Vic … Hold on, mud season is just around the corner.

    Here’s a Lady that dropped by my place, she’s on Vancouver Island.
    Small Town RN

  3. Leave it to Bob to look on the bright side! LOL! Mud season…gotta love it.

  4. I have to agree with your assessment of your life vs that of many others in North America. Mine is pretty much the same there when it comes to income vs outflow! The old house here is valued at probably no more than $50,000 tops, if we were to sell it, but to replace it, would cost around $125,000 if not more. Houses about 35 miles from us -over near the university -are selling for $500,000 and up from that which really makes me wonder how the heck people afford places that expensive. What kind of work, in this area, pays wages that accomodate such prices? Sure isn’t any I’ve ever seen around here.

    But, by and large -save the occasional major financial crisis that hits here from time to time – life is good and I’m blessed, so very blessed to have the ability to care for my two little grandkids – one is hollering right now at the top of his lungs wanting something – so I guess it’s time for me to stop counting my blessings, remember he’s one of ’em, and see what I can do to make him believe I am one of his little blessings in life. Great Post, Vic. I really enjoyed it.

  5. This is a great blog. I love living in B.C. Kamloops is my home. I plan to post some pictures at in the future. Thanks for sharing the beauty of western Canada.


  6. your post was a good read.the new room will be nice when you get it step mom has one and she loves it.she grows lemon trees and a orange tree in it.they smell so good when they bloom.have a great week.God bless.

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