BC put on alert for huge earthquake

Saturday’s Globe and Mail
Scientists have alerted British Columbia’s emergency-planning department to the possibility of a catastrophic earthquake striking the province’s southwest coast next week. While the probability of a quake is still low, rapid strides in earthquake detection have given federal scientists with the Pacific Geoscience Centre on Vancouver Island greater confidence in their ability to predict when and where one will occur.

What prompted the alert was a series of imperceptible tremors emanating from deep beneath the ocean, which scientists now recognize as ominous warnings that the earth is on the move again off Vancouver Island. They now estimate the long-awaited giant quake will hit closer to the island’s western shoreline than previously thought. The tremors occurred on what is known as the Cascadia subduction zone, which lies beneath the Pacific Ocean off the West Coast and runs from Vancouver Island to Northern California. The rumblings began last week near Puget Sound near Seattle and made their way north to Vancouver Island in recent days.

It would not be the first great megathrust quake to devastate the West Coast of North America. The geological record on the West Coast has shown that giant earthquakes occur once every 500 years. The last one struck on Jan. 26, 1700, causing widespread destruction, flooding and a giant tsunami. Indian villages along the coast were wiped out and the tsunami reverberated as far as Japan.

6 Responses

  1. its sounding more and more like the book of revelations playing out in the news.stay safe friend.God bless you.

  2. What do they recommend though when they put out warnings about earthquake possibilities that people do to help themselves? Pull up stakes and move out? Stay put and ride it out? Here’s hoping the warning is something that stays as just that – a warning and the earthquake never materializes. Stay safe sounds like a darned good idea to me too!

  3. Here’s something much more soothing :

    Logging in BC under water

    USGS Shake Maps

  4. I have never experienced a big earthquake, we did have one while I was on Okinawa in the early 1970’s.

  5. Hey Vic, will you kindly keep your earthquakes on your own side of the border? I just hate it when a quake runs around and shakes things it should be shaking.

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