Death warmed over

I feel like DeatThe image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.h warmed over today. We enjoyed our company really late last night. They left at 4:35am. I did not feel bad at the time but at 8:15am this morning when I got up to put wood on the fire I did not feel so great. I had a cup of coffee and that didn’t do any good so at 9:30am I went back to bed and slept until 11:15am. But today I have been dragging myself around with a headache. Do you think I had a hangover from that delicious Seda wine that they brought? My husband slept in his chair this afternoon while I was messing about on the computer but I think these old folk will be going to bed early tonight.

We ate leftovers all day and watched the sleet come down. I answered a few e-mails and generally messed about on the computer. I had been having problems with Yahoo e-mail freezing because of an e-bay advertisement so I downloaded AdBlock Plus which is a great program but it also had Yahoo problems. So I have switched to a new web mail provider called which gives 5G of space and has other features and doesn’t hang up. So my mail will redirect to there now.

Hopefully I will be up to speed tomorrow. I have lemon marmalade and plum jam to make and we are starting to run short so I have to get moving.

You know it is odd the people that call us friends, I don’t know what they have in common with us, but we do try and show them that we care. The first fellow that visited us yesterday is very likable in his way but he has to be Bigotry personified and we are always steering him away from negative remarks. The second visitors are the sweetest, quietest and most unassuming couple you could hope to meet. Conversation always seems one sided, we struggle to keep it going. And the last visitor that left late last night and who brought the Seda wine is man of 73 who went through World War II in Germany, was inducted into the Hitler Youth at a very early age, does not believe in the Holocaust, who is extremely well educated and is a great conversationalist and we like to have him over, but my husband and I both agree he is an idiot-savant. He has no common sense. I wonder what they think of us?

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  1. Good one Vic ….

  2. Boy, when I started reading your post and saw the hour you said you went to bed, I was beginning to wonder if some relatives on my Mother’s side of the family had migrated up to your area of Canada, as my maternal family relatives are notorious nighthawks! I tend to keep outrageously late hours – up until 4, 5 even 6 a.m. sometimes. But most of those late hours for me usually revolve around two other things – I’m engrossed in doing something on the computer or the lousy shingles have come back to life, which they tend to do mainly after midnight, and I’m waiting then, not too patiently, for the pain meds to finally kick in! I loved the comment though about the last friend – idiot-savant, huh? Still chuckling over that one as I think I might know some of his relatives!!!

  3. When you live in the sticks you have to take the company when it comes. I’ve always been curious as to how anyone could say the holocaust did not happen.

    Dang way I could stay up that late. 10:00 PM or so is about it for me. On the other hand I don’t mind getting up at 4:00 AM to go chase fish or ducks either.

  4. I am defintely a night owl! just have a problem getting up in the morning!
    No doubt in my mind that your visitors find you interesting, especially if your conversations are anything like your blog posts.
    There is no arguing with some people, but at least you try to be good friends with them. I dont think i could.

  5. sorry I havent been on for a while I been busy.but I sat and read what you wrote.always interesting.sorry you didnt feel so hot the wine may have been the problem.I cant take any booz it does a number on I never cared for the my neck of the woods we dont get much company.use to years ago when we lived on the farm way out in the puker brush.but now no one does it any more.there are so many weirdos its dont know who you can trust any more.the idiot-savant sounds like he needs a brain trance people can be soooo dumb to think that what was said about the Jews was a lie.what on earth would it benifit them to lie about it.besides my greatgrandpa left Germany because of all the nasty stuff going on yes virgina there was a hitler and yes he killed all those people cause he was the devils best he stocks the fires in hell!!!dont it just make you want to shake some people up side down to see if you can shake their brain from their back side to where it belongs?Ha Ha.well enough of my useless chatter hope you feel better.and keep up the posting always good to hear what you have to say.God bless you.

  6. Happy New Year, Vic! We’ve met some interesting characters in the Cariboo too. Most folks are super, but there are a few that make me wonder. I love lemon marmalade…I guess it goes with being English.

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