All over for another year

Its 8:10pm and I can sit down and browse on the Internet. We had the phone calls from the two sons in Calgary this morning, and one son and two daughters on the lower mainland of BC and my sister-in-law called from Ontario this afternoon, plus my husband’s friend of over 50 years about an hour ago.

We had Christmas day together, we tried to invite those who we thought might be alone, but everyone was busy, so we had our 8lb turkey to ourselves. We watched Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ this afternoon and now that everything is put away it is back to business as usual. We almost always watch nature or science documentaries so we broke out of the mold today with the pirate movie. A bit of ridiculous fun, I didn’t feel like improving my mind.

The down side is we developed a leak near the chimney, last night and my husband was on the roof in the dark trying to check it. Since he has a white beard someone might have thought Santa was trying to get in. Our dog jumped over the fence and went for a trip into the bush carting back a large furry dead thing which she has buried in case we might like it. To cap that I heard more drips this evening, we really have to find the cash to get a new roof this coming year. We need a metal roof as snow will slide off. It is a little worrying and my husband is really tired of shoveling snow. This year has been bad as far as snow is concerned.

We didn’t exchange gifts, we don’t usually, we just get what we need when we need it. There is nowhere around here to buy gifts anyway. I hate Christmas shopping as I never know what to get and neither does my husband. Perfume, jewelry and fancy clothes just don’t fit out here in the boonies and I would prefer to buy my own clothes. Unlike a lot of women I like practical gifts like a new lightweight vacuum cleaner or a soy milk maker because I am always running out of milk and that way I could make my own.

We bought a goat and medicines for an African charity this year so that was the kids and our Christmas gift this year. When I say kids, it is ridiculous really since they range from 42-26 but what other term would fit?

4 Responses

  1. It sounds like a good life…I really liked reading your post.

    I hope the roof doesn’t cost too much…I know my mother had a roof problem earlier this year and it wasn’t quite as bad as she thought it would be, so I’ll hope it goes in that direction for you.

    peace and happy new year!


  2. Kids – now there’s a term I used to pick on my Mother about her referring to the women she went through nurse’s training with – 43 years earlier – as the “kids.” Yeah, Mom -these women are now all in their 60’s, and you still call the “the kids.” That was back in the 70’s I would say that to her, as she died in 1979. Well, close to 30 years later, I refer to my old high school classmates as “the kids” and all three of my children -ages 30 up to almost 40 now -also as, guess what – the kids! Looks to me like old habits pick up easily and die hard, don’t they?

  3. hi I just found your blog the other night.I was pushing next I desided to stop back yoyr pic,s on the borders.they are so pretty how did you get them?I don,t know much about this computer stuff.Iam a country girl at heart,love the wilderness.but Im stuck in town for now.

  4. Hey Vic, it sounds like a nice relaxing christmas day.
    I watched Pirates of the Carribean yesterday with my two nephews, it calmed them down for a small moment.
    I hope you get the roof sorted soon!

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