Christmas Decorating

Went to a couple of Christmas open houses today, so already stuffed with junk. “That’s it, no more”, I tell myself. The fact is I don’t really like all that sweet stuff I’d rather have savoury food any day.

Anyway I thought I would decorate the blog today, hope it makes you feel festive.

3 Responses

  1. Looks great Vic, i am jealous!
    I also much prefer savoury, i love soup!

  2. I need all the help I can get today to get in the “festive” mood! If I could get rid of the last traces of the shingles I got back in August, it might help me along in that process.

    Today, I have to fix a big ham and bean potpie concoction for a church dinner tomorrow in celebration of St. Lucia Day – a Swedish saint our parish celebrates her day every year with a great dinner and pageant, and often that starts my wheels turning a bit more with the Spirit of Christmas.

  3. Your blog looks great. You should give a class to the rest of us on Blogology.

    Jeni has mentioned cooking in her last two posts and now I’m hungry. What time is dinner Jeni?

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