Leaving a legacy

One of the blogs that I have listed as one I particularly like is “Turning the Pages of Life” by Gene Bach. He often has thought provoking items, one of which I quote here.

“Each of us, in our everyday lives, are writers. No, we may not be using a pen but, through our words and our actions, we are none the less producing a living, breathing legacy. What we do, what we say, how we act and react are all laying down the chapters of our existence. “

His observation ties in, I think, with what I have been pondering today – my purpose in life in this new time of retirement. Previously my purpose seemed clear but now it is a little hazy and maybe needs redefining.

I have a book on the shelf, that I have never read, for no good reason except it looks as if it might take some soul searching on my part, and I haven’t wanted to do that lately. The name of the book is “The Search for Significance” by Robert S. McGee .

What Gene is saying, and the title of the book, caused me to think that everything I do, say, or not do or say is part of something significant, therefore is my purpose. My mistakes, or successes are all part of it. My purpose in life, I suppose is to be part of the script about living, learning, growing, and dying. The mundane things of life are just important in that script as the more exciting parts, I surmise.

I have three sons, born in an abusive marriage, which now, Thank God, I am no longer a part. However, if I had not endured that marriage, these wonderful young men would not exist. Was their existence more important than my putting up with something less than ideal for a time? I think so, and because of that I cannot wish that I had not been part of that marriage.

I think I am rambling, go to Gene’s page and read some of his insights I think you will appreciate them.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for your kind words. Funny how things work out in life isn’t it? What happens today can affect what happens tomorrow in ways we never thought possible. I think we would all do well to reflect on the past and see how it ties in with the present. Perhaps if we do that it will help us in the future.

  2. If that is what you consider rambling, then you just go ahead and ramble on my dear!

    Like you, I too have three children from a not-so-hot marriage – one that was more centered on alcohol and how many other women my ex could find – but, in retrospect, had I not at an earlier point in time seen something good about that man, I would never have been as blessed as I am today with my daughters and my son – and three of the most beautiful and absolutely wonderful angel grandchildren ever! So there’s my “significance,” my Legacy to the world, to life.

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