There’s nothing new under the sun – chemical weapons system

Anemones are not plants but predatory animals with highly poisonous barbed sting arrows, that can be instantly fired from hollow tubes. The sea anemones use these poison darts to attack their prey, defend themselves and fight battles for territory. At the slightest touch these poisonous barbs turn inside out, and the venom filled tube is driven into its prey, causing enormous pain or death.

While all other creatures, including humans, wisely avoid the anemone, the gray sea slug makes the anemone is main source of food. Somehow the sea slug is able to tear apart the anemone and swallow the poisoned darts without triggering the explosion of venom.

While digesting the body of the anemone, the tubes holding the still loaded poisonous darts are not consumed, but are loaded into a series of tiny tubes that extend from the sea slug’s stomach, right through its body, to tips on the spurs on the sea slug’s back. It then stores these deadly poisoned darts, grown by another animal, as its own new missile-firing chemical weapons system. When a predator approaches, the sea slug fires the poisonous dart out of its tentacles to attack its enemy.

How could the sea slug gradually develop such an unusual defense system through gradual mutations over tens of thousands of generations. This symbiotic defensive system involving one animal species, the gray slug, using the complex defensive weaponry of another animal species, the anemone, is extraordinary evidence of God’s intelligent design.

Notes from ‘Creation – Remarkable Evidence of God’s Design’ Grant R. Jeffrey

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  1. that’s an extraordinary story…please tell us more like this…

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