Caught out in the cold

It seems we have winter very early this year. It came so quickly and so unexpectedly, even the weather people did not anticipate this much snow and cold in October. Unfortunately, many bears, and other animals that would normally hibernate will probably die if they cannot find a den quickly. It is hard to find a suitable sleeping place if there is over 3ft of snow covering everything.

Also the shelters in the cities for the homeless are opening much earlier, and they need blankets and food desperately.

I wonder if this is a symptom of global warming, despite the fact that it is cold outside. The snow is different this year, heavy and wet, instead of light and fluffy. Much harder to remove.

I saw a documentary on TV recently and it showed the ice cap in the North Pole melting, this will mean death for Polar Bears as they need the ice to hunt seals. As the water slowly warms the plankton and fish that normally live there will die off and the creatures that depend on them will die also.

I suppose if millions of these sea creatures die it would poison the oceans, just like the bible says in the book of Revelation that one-third of the creatures that were living in the sea will die.

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