On again but for how long

Its 6:15 am and I am checking my e-mail. We have been without power again.

After I last wrote it went off again, until late last night. Hopefully it is here to stay. It is -8 degrees right now.

I will write again later if we have power.

2 Responses

  1. i really appreciate your coming out and posting on my blog. it’s heartwarming to know that there is somebody snowed in and pulling for me. i wondered if people wouldn’t know what to say to me. i don’t know what i’d say to me, probably just that. at least it is something.

    i enjoyed your post on changes. it’s nice to hear from somebody in a completely different world from deadbabyland. i hope that biblical promise is right, for both of our sakes.

    it’s funny, my first child was going to be named Victoria Grace but he turned out to be a boy. My grandmother was Victoria and it’s my middle name. Grace has always been a favorite name of mine. If Charlotte had lived to have a middle name, it would have been grace. I know that I’ve assumed that Vic is short for Victoria. maybe it isn’t. Thanks for your post. I hope the snow lets up.

  2. the pillars of the earth is one of mine and my husband’s favorite books of all time.

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