Power on again

Our power went out late yesterday afternoon, we were told that we would not get it back until Wednesday, and maybe not then, but here we are, it came on about an hour ago. I certainly can’t complain about BC Hydro, those guys are out in all weathers.

The Mayor of the village was about to declare a state of emergency because many people do not use woodstoves as we do, and it is pretty cold. He still might, because the roads are completely blocked by blown down trees and over 3ft of snow. The highway people are working on clearing Highway 16 which is about 50km out from here. If we have anyone sick though they will send in a helicopter.

I could not sleep last night, you could hear the silence. It is pretty quiet here at any time, but with no fans, no refrigerator, plus the blanketing of all outside sounds by the snow it was eerie. I could hear the roof creaking as it adjusted under all that snow.

We spent all day clearing it, my husband on the roof and deck, and I did the driveway, over 40ft of it. I am starting to ache, I probably won’t be able to move tomorrow.

We keep promising to buy ourselves a snow blower, but usually our snow is light and dry and easy to remove, this stuff was wet and heavy. Even a snow blower would have had a time with it.

We read by candlelight last night, it is not all that romantic I found, just made my eyes blurry, I cooked supper on the woodstove in the dark, but we were warm, well fed and that is more than a lot of the people in the world can say.

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