Snowed in

Woke up this morning to about 5″ of snow. I was sitting in the living room as the sun came up and two boulders suddenly got up shook the snow off and plodded away. Two moose had been sleeping in the snow not more than 50 ft from where I was drinking my first cup of coffee.

The snow has kept on all day, we now have over 12″. The roads are closed to the village and the satellite dish is not working too well. Maybe we will have a power out although the lights are not flickering but I have the candles out.

One Response

  1. Just surfing, and chanced on your blog. Love reading about life in ‘strange’ places–and to a person who hates cold and isolation, northern canada is a different planet! (I’m in Atlanta, GA; we average 2inches snow/year. That’s perfect for me, so long, of course, as it comes on a Friday night and melts by Sunday! Anyway, I enjoy your posts. Will check back in now and then to see how life treats you.

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