Countdown to winter

The trees are almost bare now, the last leaves are hanging on in spite of the wind, but the lake is a brilliant blue and the days are still mild and sunny.

I have just finished canning pears and peaches and freezing raspberries and plums. Mother Bear and her two cubs are browsing along the road, I hope I can get the last veggies in before she finds them.

Next come the beets and onions to be pickled, and I’m running out of marmalade too, so got to do that and the red cabbage pickles are almost finished, I’ve put it on my list. The tomatoes are a washout, its been too cold this year, I have green tomatoes on every windowsill.

How did I ever have time to go to work and raise three kids or am I just getting slower? This retirement is more work than I thought it would be.

Hauled in some firewood as the temperature at night is quite cold, dropping to below freezing tonight. The river flows red with salmon running in their thousands, the eagles are waiting patiently in the trees. The Canada geese are leaving – the countdown to winter has begun.

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