Slug it to ya

Have you ever done something really dumb and funny too? I have a story which I tell about myself and it generally draws a laugh. I am not sure if I can write it as well as I can tell it.

I lived in an old fixer upper that really should have been demolished, however since that was not an option there were many things my boys and I learned to take in our stride. However there was one thing that was destined to break this particular camel’s back . When I would arrive home from work around one in the morning, I would flick on the kitchen lights and my counter and dirty pots, which the boys had left for something they considered more important, were draped Dali style with large . One dear friend offered to replace that counter for me and block the entry for the wildlife that we were experiencing.

Work in the the kitchen had gone well, the sink was into the new counter and he had disconnected the S-bend which had some unspeakable guck in it and asked me to get rid of it somewhere. Not understanding the mysteries of plumbing I poured the slime into the kitchen sink. Needless to say it went all over him, I was mortified. He was gracious and saw the funny side. How could I be so dumb?

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