Great Great Uncle James

As I am poking around the internet there is a movie going on in the background ‘Jesse James‘. They are trying to make him out as some type of Robin Hood instead of an outlaw and murderer.

However it caught my interest as one my family stories is that I am related to this man. I was told that one of my great-grandfather’s brothers went to the United States and the family history continued from there. Certainly the picture of my grandfather and Jesse James look very much alike.

I guess this might be my only claim to a somewhat dubious fame.

2 Responses

  1. i wonder if this is one of the great legends… i, too… am told this. he is supposedly my 5th great uncle. perhaps anyone with a ‘james’ in their ancestery is told this tale. i’d like to trace it back, i have word of mouth accounts from long since deceased relatives but no documentation. i should have written more stuff down. where was the internet then?
    which means…. i guess we could be related?!

  2. Possibly, my family hail from South Wales in Great Britain. Thanks for comment.

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